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From 1998 through 2006 Andy Bowling presented a web site detailed with Reiki History and facts.  When he discovered original teachings of Mikao Usui shared by Chris Marsh, he began to focus more in that direction.  In 2007 Andy decided to stop his Reiki History pages but gave me permission to host this archive at my web site. I hope you enjoy this original contribution to the Reiki world.

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 Toshihiro Eguchi

"Tenohira Ryoji Kenkyu-kai (hand healing research center)"

Toshihiro Eguchi a school teacher, who was Usui's friend and student.

He was described as a humble, pious and spiritual man.
He also taught his healing methods in Usui's teaching establishment.
These methods are very similar to those used by Usui, Hayashi and many other healers in Japan.
Eguchi eventually established "Tenohira Ryoji Kenkyu-kai (hand healing research center)" 1928.
Famous students of Eguchi are Yasukiyo Eguchi, Kohshi Mitsui, and Goro Miyazaki.
Eguchi was an authority on Shinto and his teachings reflected this.

Like Usui's healing method, Eguchi's was very similar in style to others popularly used in Japan.
During his time with Usui he was allowed to teach his healing method. He believed in making his method readily available to all of the people, his fees were always very low. He also made use of WAKA poetry. In his teaching he also mentions health practices - prayer, diet, hygiene and psychological aspects of teate giving.

He also joined the Gakkai which was formed following Usui's death, he left later because of the military nature of the Gakkai membership. Eguchi mentions that the fees to join were rather high and he also paid weekly dues. He mentions that he was troubled by the high fees, and further troubled by one naval officer (rear admiral) Taketomi. He left the Gakkai after less than two years.

He was a good friend of Usui's and may only have joined out of respect for his friend.

His teachings are still very welknown in Japan today.