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From 1998 through 2006 Andy Bowling presented a web site detailed with Reiki History and facts.  When he discovered original teachings of Mikao Usui shared by Chris Marsh, he began to focus more in that direction.  In 2007 Andy decided to stop his Reiki History pages but gave me permission to host this archive at my web site. I hope you enjoy this original contribution to the Reiki world.

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 Usui Reiki Hikkei

SPECIAL NOTE: These pages are a new translation of the Japanese document and NOT taken from any book.

This is a copy of Ms. Koyama's own manual.

Those who have seen the Hayashi manual will notice the similarities, also from the notes taken by Takata students.
Note: The Guide to Method of Healing was written by Hayashi at Usui's request. It was used by Usui also, but of course he did not live long after meeting Hayashi.

Please read the Usui pages for more information about this manual.

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Usui Reiki Hikkei


1 Usui Reiki Ryoho Principles 

2. In the Open, Sharing and Explanation 

3. Healing Ryoho Shishon, Method of Healing Guide 

4. Meiji Emperor's Poems (Meiji Renno Gyosei) 

5. Questions and Answers. 

1. Principles 

The Secret Method to Invite Happiness 

The Miracle Medicine for All Diseases

For today only, do not be angry. 

Do not be anxious, and be gratefull 

Work hard and be kind to others.

Gassho and repeat them in your mind

at the beginning and the end of each day.

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Improve your mind and body


Mikao Usui

2. Open to Public Teaching give explanation

By founder: Mikao Usui

From ancient times whenever someone develops a secret method the one would teach this to the people among family, as a legacy for the later generations of the family living. That idea, not to open to the public and keep that sacred method in the family, is really the past century's bad custom. 

In modern days we have to live together. That's going to be the basis of happiness, earnestly wanting social progress. 

That's why I definitely won't allow to keep this for myself. Our Reiki Ryoho is a creative idea, which no one has developed before and there is nothing like this in this world. Therefore I am going to open this idea to anybody for the peoples benefit and welfare. 

And everyone will receive the blessing from God. With this, expect everyone to have soul and oneness. 

Our Reiki Ryoho is an original therapy method using the power based on Reiki, which is a universal power in the universe. 

With this, first for human beings themselves to be strong and healthy. Then to improve the thoughts, to be mild and healthy, and human life to be pleasant. 

Nowadays inside and outside of living we need improvement and restructuring away from illness and suffering, many fellows have worrying mind out of illness and accident. 

I dare to openly teach this method. 

In autumn 

Q. What is Usui Reiki Ryoho?

A. Graciously I have received Meiji Emperor's last injunctions. For achieving my teachings, training and improving physically and spiritually and walking in a right path as a human being, first we have to heal our spirit. Secondly we have to keep our body healthy. If our spirit is healthy and comformed to the truth, body will get healthy naturally. Usui Reiki Ryoho's missions are to lead peaceful and happy life, heal others and improve happiness of others and ourselves. 

Q. Is there any similarity to hypnotism, Kiai method, religious method or any other methods?

A. No, there is no similarity to any of those methods. This method is to help body and spirit with intuitive power, which I've received after long and hard training. 

Q. Then, is it psychic method of treatment?

A. Yes, you could say that. But you could also say it is physical method of treatment. The reason why is Ki and light are emanated from healer's body, especially from eyes, mouth and hands. So if healer stares or breathes on or strokes with hands at the affected area such as toothache, colic pain, stomachache, neuralgia, bruises, cuts, burns and other swellings with pain will be gone. However a chronic disease is not easy, it's needed some time. But a patient will feel improvement at the first treatment. There is a fact more than a novel how to explain this phenomenon with modern medicine. If you see the fact you would understand. Even people who use sophistry can not ignore the fact. 

Q. Do I have to believe in Usui Reiki Ryoho to get better result?

A. No. It's not like a psychological method of treatment or hypnosis or other kind of mental method. There is no need to have a consent or admiration. It doesn't matter if you doubt, reject or deny it. For example, it is effective to children and very ill people who are not aware of any consciousness, such as a doubt, rejection or denying. There may be one out of ten who believes in my method before a treatment. Most of them learn the benefit after first treatment then they believe in the method. 

Q. Can any illness be cured by Usui Reiki Ryoho? 

A. Any illness such as psychological or an organic disease can be cured by this method. 

Q. Does Usui Reiki Ryoho only heal illness?

A. No. Usui Reiki Ryoho does not only heal illness. Mental illness such as agony, weakness, timidity, irresolution, nervousness and other bad habit can be corrected. Then you are able to lead happy life and heal others with mind of God or Buddha. That becomes principle object. 

Q. How does Usui Reiki Ryoho work?

A. I've never been given this method by anybody nor studied to get psychic power to heal. I accidentally realized that I have received healing power when I felt the air in mysterious way during fasting. So I have a hard time explaining exactly even I am the founder. Scholars and men of intelligence have been studying this phenomenon but modern science can't solve it. But I believe that day will come naturally. 

Q. Does Usui Reiki Ryoho use any medicine and are there any side effects?

A. Never uses medical equipment. Staring at affected area, breathing onto it, stroking with hands, laying on of hands and patting lightly with hands are the way of treatment. 

Q. Do I need to have knowledge of medicine?

A. My method is beyond a modern science so you do not need knowledge of medicine. If brain disease occurs, I treat a head. If it's a stomachache, I treat a stomach. If it's an eye disease, I treat eyes. You don't have to take bitter medicine or stand for hot moxa treatment. It takes short time for a treatment with staring at affected area or breathing onto it or laying on of hands or stroking with hands. These are the reason why my method is very original. 

Q. What do famous medical scientists think of this method?

A. The famous medical scientists seem very reasonable. European medical scientists have severe criticism towards medicine. 

To return to the subject, Dr. Nagai of Teikoku Medical University says, "we as doctors do diagnose, record and comprehend illnesses but we don't know how to treat them." 

Dr. Kondo says, "it is not true that medical science made a great progress. It is the biggest fault in the modern medical science that we don't take notice of psychological affect. 

Dr. Kuga says, "it is a fact that psychological therapy and other kind of healing treatment done by healers without doctor's training works better than doctors, depending on type of illnesses or patient's personality or application of treatment. Also the doctors who try to repel and exclude psychological healers without doctor's training are narrow-minded. 

From Nihon Iji Shinpo 

It is obvious fact that, doctors, medical scientists and pharmacists recognize the affect of my method and become a pupil. 

Q. What is the government's reaction?

A. On February 6th, 1922, at the Standing Committee on Budget of House of Representatives, a member of the Diet Dr. Matsushita asked for government's view about the fact that people who do not have doctor's training have been treating many patients with psychological or spiritual method of treatment. 

Mr. Ushio, a government delegate says, "a little over 10 years ago people thought hypnosis is a work of long-nosed goblin but nowadays study has been done and it's applied to mentally ill patients. It is very difficult to solve human intellect with just science. Doctors follow the instruction how to treat patients by medical science, but it's not a medical treatment such as electric therapy or just touching with hands to all illnesses." So my Usui Reiki Ryoho does not violate the Medical Practitioners Law or Shin-Kyu (acupuncture and moxa treatment) Management Regulation. 

Q. People would think that this kind of healing power is gifted to the selected people, not by training.

A. No, that isn't true. Every existence has healing power. Plants, trees, animals, fish and insects, but especially a human as the lord of creation has remarkable power. Usui Reiki Ryoho is materialized the healing power that human has. 

Q. Then, can anybody receive Denju (first teaching) of Usui Reiki Ryoho?

A. Of course, a man, woman, young or old, people with knowledge or without knowledge, anybody who has a common sense can receive the power accurately in a short time and can heal selves and others. I have taught to more than one thousand people but no one is failed. Everyone is able to heal illness with just Shoden. You may think it is inscrutable to get the healing power in a short time but it is reasonable. It's the feature of my method that heals difficult illnesses easily. 

Q. If I can heal others, can I heal myself?

A. If you can't heal yourself, how can you heal others. 

Q. How can I receive Okuden?

A. Okuden includes Hatsureiho, patting with hands method, stroking with hands method, pressing with hands method, telesthetic method and propensity method. I will teach it to people who have learned Shoden and who are good students, good conduct and enthusiasts. 

Q. Is there higher level more than Okuden?

A. Yes, there is a level called Shinpiden.

PAGE 19. 

2. A Guide To Method of Healing

1. Basic treatment of body parts

    *Head area  - Forehead (hairline), general area, temples (temple) general area.
    Back of the head area - neck area, crown area, stomach, intestines.
    Lowering Fever - Same as before (head area), however, treat the source of the disease itself.
    Eye - eye, inner eye corner, outer eye corner, neck area, Cranial vertebrae - C1,2, 3.
PAGE 20. 
    Nose - nose bone, nose flares, between eyebrows, neck area, Cranial vertebrae - C1,2, 3.
    Ear - ear canal, front part ( _______ ) and back part ( _______ ) of ear, Cranial vertebrae - C1.
    Mouth - cover mouth without touching lips.
    Tongue - top side of tongue, root of the tongue (most likely from the outside, neck, under the chin).
    Throat - thyroid cartlidge, neck area.
    Lung - lung area, back, inside of shoulder blade, Thoracic vertebrae T2,T3, T4, T5 T6.
    Heart  - heart area, Cranial neck vertebrae, C5, C6, C7. Thoracic vertebrae, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5.
PAGE 21 
    Liver - Liver area, Thoracic vertebrae T8, T9, T10. (especially right hand side)
    Stomach - stomach area, Thoracic vertebrae T4, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10
    Intestine - ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon area, small intestine area, (navel point area), Thoracic vertebrae T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, Lumber vertebrae, L2, L3, L4, L5, buttocks.
    Bladder - bladder area, Lumber vertebrae L4, L5.
    Uterus - uterus area and both sides of it, Thoracic vertebrae T9, T10, T11, T12, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, sacrum, coccyx.
PAGE 22 
    Kidney - Kidney area, Thoracic vertebrae T11, T12

Half Body Treatment - 

neck muscles, shoulders, back muscles, both sides of the vertebrae, waist area, hip area.

(This is called 'Hanshin Chiryo' This is done on the back. Rub along the areas indicated above See Techniques pages - Ketsueki Kokan-ho

Tanden treatment - 

under the navel, the area 3 finger widths down. (see Techniques

PAGE 23 

2. Nerve Disease

    Nerve Weakness - head area, eye, heart, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, affected area, half body.
    Hysteria same as before
    Cerebral Anemia  - head, stomach and intestine, heart.
    Cerebral Hemorrhage same
    Meningitis ? same
    _______ ? same
    Headache  - head area * (especially temples)
PAGE 24 
    Insomnia - head area * (especially back of head)
    Dizziness  - head area * (especially forehead area)
    Cerebral Apoplexy (palsy)  - head area * (especially affected side) heart, stomach and intestine, kidney, paralyzed area.
    Epilepsy - Head area *, stomach and intestines
    Dancing Disease (Chorea) - head area *, heart, affected area, palms, sole of feet, half body.
    _________ ?? - ("pasedo"?, symptoms: eyes are bulging out) head area *, eye, thyroid, heart, uterus, half body.
    Nerve Pain (Paralysis) - head area *, stomach and intestine (improve bowel movement) affected area
PAGE 25 
    Hiccups - diaphragm, forehead, Cranial vertebrae C3, C4, C5
    Laryngitis - forehead and temples, (mainly left hand side), throat area.
    _______?? - (if you keep writing - pain in neck), head area, elbow, thumb
    Tinnitus - ears, head area
PAGE 26 

3. Respiratory Diseases

    Bronchitis  - Bronchi, Trachea, coughing, throat, chest area, affected area
    Asthma - Head area, chest area, heart cavity, throat, nose, heart
    Tuberculosis - Head area, lung area, stomach and intestines, heart, tanden
    Pleurisy  - Head area, affected area, stomach and intestines, tanden
    Pneumonia - Head area, heart, affected area, tanden????
PAGE 27 
    Hemoptysis  - Affected lung area
    Nose - Bleed Nose
    Ozena - Nose, forehead or depression of chin
PAGE 28 

4. Digestive System Diseases

    Various diseases of esophagus  - Esophagus, heart cavity area, stomach, intestines
    Stomach diseases: Gastritis, gastric ulcer, stomach cancer, stomach convulsion, dilation of stomach, gastroptosis  -Head Area, heart cavity area, stomach and intestines
    Inflamation of the intestine, intestine ulcer, diahrea, constipation, etcetera -   Stomach and intestines
    Appendicitis - Affected area (mainly right hip bone cavity), head area*, stomach and intestines
PAGE 29 
    Parasite in intestines  - Head area*, intestine
    Hemorrhoids -  Anus
    Abdominal edema  - Head area*, Belly area
    Peritonitis - Head area, affected area, tanden???
    Jaundice - Head area, stomach, intestines, liver, heart
    Chololithiasis - Liver (where pain is), stomach and intestine
    Hernia - Affected area (herniated part), intestine wall

PAGE 30 

5. Circulatory/Cardiovascular Diseases

    Myocarditis - Head area, heart, liver, kidney, bladder
    Endocarditis  - Heart 
    Edema - Heart, liver, kidney, bladder
    Arteriosclerosis - Head area, heart, kidney, stomach and intestines, tanden
    High Blood Pressure - Same as before
    Crest Heart Disease?? - Head, heart, stomach and intestine, area of pain
    Beri Beri - Heart, stomach and intestines, leg area

PAGE 31 

6. Metabolic and Blood Diseases

    Anemia  - Treat source of disease, head*, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine, half body
    Purpura  - Head area, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine, spots, tanden?
    Scurvy -  Head area, lung area, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine, half body, tanden?
    Diabetes  - Head area, heart, liver, pancreas, stomach and intestine, kidney, bladder (half body rub upwards against vertebrae)
PAGE 32 
    Fat ___ (obesity)?  - Heart, kidney, stomach and intestines, half body
    Arthritis? - Heart, kidney, bladder, stomach and intestine, tanden?, pain area
    Heat Stroke - Head area, heart, chest area, stomach and intestine, kidney, tanden?

PAGE 33 

7. Urinary Diseases

    Nephritis  - Kidney, heart, bladder, Stomach and Intestines
    Pyelitis - Kidney, bladder, tanden
    Kidney Stones - Kidney, stomach, intestines, bladder, pain area
    Uremia - Head area, eyes, stomach, intestines, heart, kidney, bladder,tanden
    Cystitis - Kidney, bladder
    Bladder Stones  - Kidney, bladder, pain area
    Bed Wetting - Head area (crown area) bladder, kidney
PAGE 34 
    Anuria  - Kidney, bladder, urethra

PAGE 35 

8. Surgical and Dermatological Diseases

    Wound - Affected area (if excessive bleeding, use technique to stop bleeding)
    Fireburn - Iceburn Affected area (treat with a distance until pain goes away)
    Sprain, Blow - Affected area
    Inflamation in Lymph Glands - Affected area, tanden
    Fracture  - Affected area (five reiki over fixed bandage)
    Splinter - Affected area
PAGE 36 
    Dislocation  - Affected area
    Beriostitis, Ostiomyelitis, Arthritis, Muscle inflamation - Affected area, tanden
    Musclar Rheumatism - head area, pain area, stomach, intestines, (enhance the bowel movements)
    Vertebrae, Caries (TB of the spine) - Head area, affected area, tanden 
    Scoliosis - affected area
    Pain in Vertebrae Marrow (lupus?) - Heart cavity diaphragn*, head area, tanden, pain and troubled area
PAGE 37 
    Unconsciousness  - Heart, Head area, drowned person - let them throw up water
    Various Rashes, Hives - Tanden, affected area
    Allergy - Stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area
    Baldness  - Head area, stomach, intestines, affected area, tanden
    Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) - Head area, stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area, bladder
    Fungus Poison  - Head area, stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area

PAGE 38 

9. Pediatric Diseases

    Colic (night crying)  - Head area, stomach, intestines
    Measles  - Head area, stomach, intestines, heart, rashed area
    German Measles  - Same as before
    Whooping Cough - Head area, stomach, intestines, heart, lung, throat, heart cavity area
    Polio - head area, stomach, intestines, vertebrae numbness area
    Tonsilitis - Affected area

PAGE 39 

10. Gynecological Diseases

    Various Diseases in the Uterus - Uterus area 
    Through Pregnancy - Uterus, (If you treat the womb, the fetus grows healthy and delivery is easy)
    Time of Delivery - Sacrum area, lower abdomen area
    Morning Sickness - Head area, uterus, stomach, Intestines, diaphragm
    Various Symptoms On Mother's Breast - Breast
    ExtraUteran Pregnancy) - Head area, uterus, Pain area

PAGE 40 

11. Contagious Diseases

    Typhoid Fever - Head Area, Heart, stomach, intestines, spleen, tanden, (be careful with attached disease and treat it)
    Paratyphus  - Same as before
    Dysentry  - Head area, Heart, stomach, intestines, tanden
    Infant Diarrhea - Same as before
    Diptherea  - Head area, throat, heart, chest area, stomach, intestines, kidney, tanden, (inject blood serum)??
PAGE 41 
    Cholera  - Head area, stomach, intestines, heart, tanden
    Scarlet Fever  - Head area, mouth, throat, heart, stomach, intestines, kidney, tanden, scarlett coloured area
    Influenza - Head area, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, tanden, Half body, pain area
    Epidemic Cerebrospinal Memingitis - Head area, neck area, eyes heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, spinal cord, (mainly cerebral vertebrae), tanden, hard area, or stiff area
    Malaria - Head area, heart, stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, tanden, you better treat about 1 hour before convulsion
PAGE 42 
    St. Anthony's Fire (Crysipelas) - Head area, heart area, stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area
    Tetanus - Head area, heart area, stomach, intestines, tanden, wound area, pain area.

4. Gyosei can be found here    WAKAPOETRY.HTML a sample of the 125 poems.