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From 1998 through 2006 Andy Bowling presented a web site detailed with Reiki History and facts.  When he discovered original teachings of Mikao Usui shared by Chris Marsh, he began to focus more in that direction.  In 2007 Andy decided to stop his Reiki History pages but gave me permission to host this archive at my web site. I hope you enjoy this original contribution to the Reiki world.

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 Reiki Meditation

May peace and Harmony be your's.

You may like to try this standing or sitting down, either way enjoy.

 Note: Before you start, please read this. GASSHO

1. Draw a master/power symbol and say the mantra 3 times. Or (level 1) visualise 'The Great White Light'

2. Lift your hands from the sides, keeping your arms straight, slowly breathing in, till your hands are above your head

3. Keep your palms up, contacting the universe

4. Feel the Reiki energy (light) pouring in and surrounding you

5. Close your eyes and move your hands down slowly and Gassho in front of your face, feeling the vibration in your hands

6. Keep the fingers straight with the tip of your middle fingers at the height of your 6th chakra

7. Breathe naturally while imagining you are breathing through your hands

8. Keep this breathing for a while and relax

9. Slowly lift your non-dominant hand straight up in the air, put your dominant hand on your lap with palm up naturally open

10. Feel the energy coming in through your raised hand and going out through your dominant hand on your lap
Hold this position for a while

11. Put your non-dominant hand down on your lap too, just like the other hand

12. Feel the universal love and harmony for as long as you like

13. End the meditation with Gassho