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From 1998 through 2006 Andy Bowling presented a web site detailed with Reiki History and facts.  When he discovered original teachings of Mikao Usui shared by Chris Marsh, he began to focus more in that direction.  In 2007 Andy decided to stop his Reiki History pages but gave me permission to host this archive at my web site. I hope you enjoy this original contribution to the Reiki world.

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These are the most important part of Usui sensei's Teachings.

These are not original precepts written by Usui ,but a copy by somebody unknown. 

Below are the original Precepts

The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings

The spiritual medicine for all illness

For today only: Do not anger - Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and others

Do gassho every morning and evening

Keep in your mind and recite.

The student was given the precepts as a first teaching and told to meditate on them to gain insight into the true meaning.
They are the students first spiritual teachings and were to be followed in his/her life.
By practicing these Precepts the person would start on their own  path to spiritual awakening.

They show us not only the causes of suffering but also what can be the result of suffering.
By allowing us to practice the mindful way of living without attachment to outcomes, we create harmony / balance within ourselves.
This process like the ripples within a still pond influences those around us.
Humility, compassion, and honesty are all just aspects of the mindful, non/attached way of living.

They originally come from Precepts used in 9th century Japanese Buddhism, Usui changed them to read as shown above. Regarding dates for when he introduced the  present precepts into his teachings,  it is known that he was teaching them at least as early as 1915, living proof of this exists. The precepts at that time did not include the first two lines and last two lines.

I should add here that these teachings are open for anyone to learn regardless of religious beliefs etc.
This is the very heart of Usui's teachings and a very Japanese Buddhist way of looking at life.


For today only - This means 'now' - in this moment.

Do not anger - Do not worry - These apply to the causes  and origins of 'suffering' (dukka) the First and Second Noble Truths - Anguish. (Life is Suffering)

To realise these Sufferings and its Causes we have to change our lives by gaining insight and acting upon it.

Be humble  - Understanding and Letting Go of Attachments and Craving.

Be honest in your work - You now have to work at this understanding. Everyone has within themselves the ability to heal/save (themselves), but to realise this we have to work at it.  We must be dilligent.

Be compassionate to yourself and others - This is just the start we must now practice. Gaining wisdom.

This practice starts at the beginning and end of each day by reciting  and meditating on these Precepts.

Usui did not devise his Precepts as something to simply believe in but as something to practice and to bring change in our daily life.


Included within this training would be Waka Poetry (Gyosei) for calming and clearing the mind..