Sharing From The Heart

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(Preface and Intro)


I often sign off my emails with the words "Sharing from the Heart" or just simply "Sharing."  From time to time, people ask about this so here is my explanation. 

One of the techniques I have used since 1997 is called Soul Linking from the book "Soul Love - Awakening Your Heart Centers" by Sanaya Roman.   The book teaches you how to call in your Soul, and work with it's pure Love energy. 

Once you have mastered that (really a very simple process) then the book explains how to transmit this Pure Soul Love to another person.  This is called Soul Linking. The Pure Love goes directly to the person's heart centre and on up to their Higher Self and Soul.  The main purpose of this is to help you see each person as their Higher Self and Soul, and not just the personality before you.

Eventually you learn to Soul Link with several people at a time, and then whole groups of people, plants, animals, minerals, etc.

My sign off is a reminder for me to do the process with each person I write to or reply to. 

Sharing from the Heart,
Richard Rivard

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