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Last Updated: December 8, 2002
Note: this letter is reprinted here as it relates to our review of the book
"Medicine Dharma Reiki" by Richard Blackwell (aka Lama Yeshe)
Note from Paula Horan on the book Medicine Dharma Reiki

Note: the following letter was widely distributed in late November, 2002:
To Whom It May Concern: For your information 

Important Notice For Those Interested in the Study and Practice of Medicine Dharma Reiki also known as "Men Chhos Reiki" 

Circumstances force us to discontinue giving teachings and empowerments in Lama Yeshe's lineage of the "Tantra of the Lightening Flash", which  purportedly has been reconstructed from the written legacies of Dr. Mikao Usui and Dr. Watanabe Kioshi Itami. When we ourselves were first introduced to the teachings and practices of Medicine Dharma or Men Chhos Reiki in Oregon, U.S.A in the summer of 1998, Lama Yeshe  explicitely stated that these very teachings and practices were the actual basis for the Usui Method of Natural Healing. In his book "Medicine Dharma Reiki", published in the fall of 2000 by Full Circle Publishing, he is on record for repeatedly making the same statement. 

In the past, Lama Yeshe on several occasions promised to authenticate the background material for these teachings, namely Dr. Usui's notes and diaries as well as older Chinese and Japanese manuscripts said to contain the original text of the Tantra and its commentaries. As stated above, Lama Yeshe always referred to these older sources as the scriptural basis for Dr. Usui's rediscovery of Reiki. In the year 2000, upon publication of his book "Medicine Dharma Reiki", he gave assurances to both the publisher and to several teachers of Medicine Dharma Reiki that such authentication would at the latest be forthcoming in the summer of 2002. At this time, he claimed, the translation of all the original material by a group of translators from Taipeh, Taiwan would be complete and the moment to authenticate would have come. 

Because authentication even now is nowhere in sight,  we no longer see ourselves in a position to continue teaching a set of practices of unverified background.  Sincerity and forthrightness are particularly called  for in teaching a system like Medicine Dharma Reiki, because serious commitments such as the taking of refuge and Bodhisattva vows are asked of the aspirants, before they enter the sacred space of the  mandala. 
As our doubts regarding the authenticity of the material and the validity of the refuge and Bodhisattva lineage have not been dispelled, we were forced to cancel all upcoming classes in Germany, India, Mauritius and Dubai. This caused us and our students great distress, a potential loss in credibility, not to mention the loss of income for many from courses that were planned long in advance. 

Furthermore, a number of revelations within the Medicine Dharma Reiki community that cannot be made public in detail, regarding the conduct of Lama Yeshe as the Spiritual Director of the organization and also regarding his own lineage and status as a Rinpoche, plus the way he very often shows utter disregard for  the causes and concerns of his closest students, leave us no choice but to terminate our relationship with the source of such controversy. 

We regret that we are forced to take this step,  which  because of the above mentioned recent events has become inevitable. We also apologize to our 70+ students worldwide whom we so far have guided in the study and practice of the Medicina Dharma Reiki material. They came to us in good faith and we instructed them in full confidence in Lama Yeshe's teaching and lineage, purportedly going back to Dr. Usui himself. However, a good part of that very basis for good faith and personal trust is now utterly destroyed. 
We feel that Lama Yeshe owes his own students as well as their students and the the publishers of his book in different countries a thorough explanation. We hope that such explanation (promised to be  forthcoming in June 2003) will set the record straight and vidicate him of all allegations which have come from inside his own community and from independent outside researchers. 

To end on a more conciliatory note, our own and the experiences of our students with the Medicine Dharma Reiki material indicate a high degree of usefulness. 
The practices do indeed work. However, at this point in time their usefulness is not the issue. The issue is of vindicating them and the Spiritual Director of Men Chhos Reiki of all doubt. We sincerley hope that the present controversy is a blessing in disguise in that it establishes the truth. 

Sincerely in the Dharma 
Paula Horan 
Narayan Choyin Dorje

If you have comments or suggestions,CONTACT ME   I will try to answer them all.