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Threshold Reiki Training
Class Schedule Summary  &  How Classes Are Scheduled

Offering Reiki training since 1994 -  Distant/Home based classes since 1997

Last Updated: November 23, 2018

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Next Local Classes Scheduled:

Currently there are no local classes scheduled

Distant/Internet Classes are still available.
To enroll in a distant class please use the Contact Page. 
Most distant classes may begin at any time.

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Booking or Registering For In-Person Classes

My Live or In-Person Classes are usually held in the Vancouver area (Canada), most often at my home.  But I will travel into Vancouver, or to it's suburbs and elsewhere in the Lower Mainland for a class of 4 or more students, or for someone with special needs and the space for me to teach.  For master level requirements, please consult with me.  In the case of small groups of family and/or friends, the class may also be at the students' residence, or in a hall. 

Classes are usually held from 9 am to 5 pm and we take an hour break for lunch. Students may bring their own lunch/snacks or we can go to a nearby restaurant.

I usually restrict class size to 6 students so I can give each individual more attention, but I have taught weekend retreats for large classes over 20 in size.  For classes on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and the Gulf Islands, see my Out of Town info below.

Private classes are available for no additional fee, but are usually limited to small groups or families.

Out of Town and International Classes -- I do teach out of the area and usually ask for compensation for traveling expenses by way of an increased class fee and a minimum numer of students.  I require enough students in a class to be able to justify expenses and time away. The host of a large class can negotiate a personal discount or bonus for organizing the class.  I have taught classes elsewhere in BC and in Canada, as well as in Japan, Madrid, London, south of Spain, Amsterdam and the USA..

Arranging a Class -- Normally, rather than pre-schedule the live classes, the first student who books a class date essentially determines what I will teach on that day.  I will then post the class at my Reiki Home page.  Then the class can fill up, or it may contain just the one student.  I never cancel a class other than for an illness or emergency (both are very rare.)

What Dates? -- I am able to teach any day of the week or on weekends - usually 9 am to 5 pm.  However I try to keep a weekend or two each month for family time.  I do try to be flexible, so if you do not see a class scheduled, then simply propose some dates for a class.

If you would like a class in your area, or have questions about available dates, then Contact Me (Richard Rivard).

To Register for or Arrange a Live Class, Contact Me
( Note: most scheduled Classes are listed near the top of my Reiki Training Menu page)

Booking or Registering For Distant / Home-Based Classes

Internet / Distant / Home Based Classes -- I do teach ALL Reiki classes over a distance via my Internet Training (but NOT the Channeling).  

Distant classes are ongoing and students may begin anytime you wish. They are normally one-on-one classes unless you are studying with a partner or friend. 

There is no set schedule and students have up to one month to complete a class (in person classes are one or two day classes so one month is plenty of time to learn and practice a distant class).

I usually have several distant students at one time and sometimes I will have current students at the same level interact with each other for distant practice. 

To begin the registration process, or for more detail on how the class is run, simply Click Here for the Distant Class Procedure.

Tree Saver Discount - If you are taking the Distant / Internet Class and choose to use only the Internet class pages for the reference material, you can save on all the Threshold Reiki classes. The on-line class pages are the same content as the printed manual and videos, and you can view them on-line at your leisure, even after class. If you prefer to work only with the on-line class pages, and not receive the printed manual from me, I will discount the class price. You will still receive a printed certificate upon completion and Master level will receive the videos on CD/DVD.  (Note that paying the regular or TreeSaver fees still gives you access to the on-line class pages.)

If You Have Questions, Contact Me

 If you have comments, questions or suggestions, CONTACT ME.   I will try to answer them all.
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