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Last Updated: February 9, 2020

  I have gone into semi-retirement so currently I am no longer taking on new students.
Past students should check with the
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What is Threshold Reiki?

If you are wondering what is different or unique about Threshold Reiki, do read this page. I think you will like the bonuses I often share with my students, especially at the master level. Note that all Threshold classes can be taken in distant format.

Threshold Reiki Class Descriptions and Content, Class Fees, Class Length

This describes each of my Threshold Reiki classes, from level 1 through Master.  A couple of the classes - Reiki 3, Reiki Master - have even more detailed information - look for the links inside the text.

(or advanced Master Level class, click here.)

Internet / Distant Training Information

If you feel a bit frustrated with your ability to connect with a Reiki teacher in your area, or you can't find the selection in classes you would like, then perhaps distant training is for you. This page will give you an idea of what to expect and how the process works.

ALL Reiki classes are available for distant training.

Class Payment Options

Thanks to the Internet there are now some new ways to pay for a class, whether you are coming in person or taking a distant class. 

Scheduled Classes 

I make sure I keep this page current as it shows all the classes where at least one person has booked training.  Unless the class is specified as private, you are welcome to apply for it. 

There's also an explanation as to how a student can arrange for a class. Click Here

H Do Distant Attunements Work?

When I became a Reiki Master in the fall of 1994, one of the class components was the concept of distant re-attunements. Having practiced distant Reiki treatments for some time, I found this an interesting possibility.

Origin of Threshold Reiki


When I first began teaching Reiki, I thought it was all the same energy, that every Reiki was the same.  .....This made me curious about Reiki - didn't everyone get the same thing, and the same strength?

Reiki Master Upgrade Classes

Master (facets 3-7)

SSR is a healing system created by Diane Shewmaker combining 3 healing energies and their related components.  This class includes all levels beyond master level (facet 3) plus any information and energies from the lower levels the student may not have experienced.

Threshold Reiju Workshop

This is a BONUS class for any of my students taking the master levels in Threshold, Gendai or Komyo Reiki with me.  It includes studies of original traditional Japanese Reiju (attunement) as used in the URR Gakkai, Mr. Doi's own 3 reiju methods, an original Hayashi Reiju, plus my own Threshold Reiju.

Gendai Reiki Ho

In 1999 I and my friends were the first to introduce Mr. Hiroshi Doi outside of Japan.  I teach the original version of this class that he taught at the 3 URRI conferences from 2000-2003.

More Information

Where Am I Located?

Obviously if you are coming for a live class, you will need to know where I live and hot to get there. I have some maps to assist you and also for those visiting the city, I have some info on where to stay and how to get around the greater Vancouver area. 

My Reiki Certificates

I sometimes get queries on the authenticity of my training so I set up this page to allow readers to view my certificates.  It also serves as an interesting comparison of certificate styles, Western and Japanese.

My Training History

This is a chart that not only shows the various teachers I have trained with, but also demonstrates that all Reiki practitioners can trace their Reiki roots back to Mikao Usui.

My Path to Reiki

A little biography on me just to give you an idea of how I found my way to Reiki. Also I mention some of the training I have received since that time.

Whether you are new to the concept of Reiki or an experienced Reiki Practitioner you may find some of the topics at these Entry Level Pages of interest to you.

Here are some other topics of interest at the Reiki Threshold.  Have a look at some of these if they grab your attention.   I recommend you explore the Usui Memorial, the Usui Gainen or Precepts, the Saihoji Temple, Reiki in Japan, Sensei Hiroshi Doi's book, among others.

Make sure you visit the Miscellaneous Topics to find some additional topics that might interest you. Includes information on ME (who I am, and my Reiki training background), as well as some additional notes of interest like the Light Technique

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