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Now you can display a full-color replica kakejiku* containing Usui's Gainen in your home or workspace.

unrolled scroll

We offer three sizes of scroll:
  • A limited edition 36.6" X 59.0" (full-size) print at €80.00.
  • 26.0" X 41.7" (62%) print at €55.00.
  • 18.1" X 29.5" (50%) print at €30.00.
plus shipping and handling.

Each scroll is printed on 200 gsm art paper and is mounted on a wooden dowel and batten.

Your scroll will be sent to you directly from the printers,
securely packed in a cardboard tube.

Contact the scroll makers for more information.

*A kakejiku is a Japanese style scroll made from many pieces of hand made paper and silk brocade.
It it traditionally hung in an alcove in a Japanese home or dojo and usually contains calligraphy or other artwork.
We have created our replicas from a high definition scan of a real hand-made kakejiku.

For more information about kakejiku, Usui and the Gainen please visit The Reiki Threshold