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One of the things I was telling students in  a recent the Reiki class was that I find that as we get on this energy/spiritual path, the universe will not only support us (as Duane Packer says) but often might even provide validation of our abilities or experiences from time to time.

Reading one of my student's emails on a channeling list, I was thinking about how easy it is to have our highest guide (or other familiar guides) go out and find us a guide who had a lifetime that excelled in one talent or another - so we could have our own "in house" expert. This is also something I teach in my channeling class.

RembrandtFor instance, Jane Roberts had connected to some well known past artists in order to write a book on art for her husband, who was himself an artist. She ended up channeling books on Paul CÚzanne and surprisingly to her one day, on Rembrandt. And Seth would sometimes help her or her husband with their art work.

So one week when I had a bit of a physical problem, I thought that this time when asking for some additional help, I would ask my highest guide, Nova, to get the help of one spirit I was familiar with. The spirit is that of a fellow who used to be a doctor in one lifetime. In that time he worked with a person who in this life was known as Al.  Al was an accomplished spiritual healer who at some point was visited by his old friend in spirit form, and agreed to make use of his help in his healing work.

Like a Filipino healer I had met previously, Al was often sponsored by local Reiki people or other healers when he came to town. In Al's case, in the early 2000's a local Reiki Master I knew told me Al would be in town at her place. So I thought I would go over there and pay for a healing session with Al. I got to talk to him for a bit first and that's when he told me of his spirit doctor friend who worked with him. Al had taken the Filipino healing training as well, and although his teachers recognized he didn't need to invade the body to accomplish the healing, he still had to demonstrate this in order to complete the training.

I had an interesting session with Al, and a few things came up for me to help validate Al and the doctor's abilities. Later on I learned Al was doing work with certain cancer patients, and had made that his specialty. When I connected with his doctor friend (through my highest guide, Nova), he said to just call him Doctor (I was thinking then of the image of the TV character Doctor Who. smile )  I introduced Doctor to my healing guide and others.

As soon as I gave permission to work on my challenge, right away I could feel sensations in that area. I did ask Doctor about Al, how he was doing and he said Al had recently died. So later on I looked up Al on the internet and sure enough there was his obituary plus his one year anniversary notice from Prince George, B.C. newspapers. Al had died in April 2014 at the age of 77.

The day I originally wrote this anecdote, my condition already felt much better. Thinking now about a video of Bruce Lipton and Wayne Dyer I sometimes recommend to students, I realised that this act of mine, that of calling on that accomplished spirit doctor, was probably my way of affirming that I can heal myself. It is my way of "praying rain" (or praying "health"), as Greg Braden's shaman friend did in the another video I recommend. In this way,

I think the task of our guides is to help us lock onto that particular "Feeling" for whatever it is we are requesting. Now I wonder if I can find a guide specializing in lotteries.
smile  And as I re-read this article I got the immediate notion that Al is now also available to work with me. 

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