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Today I said a temporary good-bye to a local Reiki Master who is moving today from Vancouver to a smaller community on Vancouver Island.   Jolanta was telling me that some good friends had channeled information about the move a few years ago and would continually ask her when it was happening.  Things finally fell into place and today she leaves for a new chapter in her life adventure. 

This recalled to my mind that the Guide's interpretation of time doesn't always match ours.  That was something that my Channelling teacher Carla Anderson would often mention in our gatherings. 

All this was pretty close to home for me today as we have one month now to vacate the house we have rented for almost 18 years. Nadya and I have put the effort out there to find a new place - so far with no luck.  But my Guides have indicated that I should simply focus on the wonderful aspects of our new home (i.e. the results) and leave the driving (the manifestation) to the them and the Universe. 

Reading up on the Abraham material recently I learned that part of my problem  may lie in my inability to receive in a certain area.  Although I may have placed a desire out there, and the Universe is busily responding, I seem to have to be in a totally receiving mode before it can flow through me.  I have also found that it is best for me not to try to force how the event should unfold, and to simply just Trust in the process. 

On another note,  yesterday I had clicked on the link to the Orin-DaBen web site and got this message:

Guides will choose a channel with a vocabulary or skill that will be a match for their work together. Scientific guides may choose channels with a scientific vocabulary. Artistic guides may choose artists. Philosophical guides may choose channels interested in philosophy, and so on. When guides transmit information outside of your vocabulary, they will search for the closest words you have available. That is why your guide may feel so much like you when you, for there is a great alignment of energy and purpose.

Often I have students who will play a meditation I channelled and then afterwards feel they should be trying to work with my own Guides, sometimes more so than theirs.  My Guides (as most) are quite happy to interact with others, but there is more often a much better fit with the particular Guides that you connect with on your own (or with our help).  The quote above explains part of that, and it may also answer why certain Guides do not sound the same or give the same answer when different people channel them.  When I taught a channelling class in Madrid, Spain in 2001, two of my students were particle physicists.  I can just imagine the possible results they must be getting <smile>.

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