Channeling Support -- Highest Ki Exercise

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"Highest Ki" or Highest Qi (chi) -  this is something I added into the class some time ago, usually as part of the healing exercise with a partner. The exercise assumes you are a Reiki practitioner but I may attune someone who is not to at least Reiki 1 at the beginning of the class.   This helps to add some contrast to the exercise.  If you would like more info on Highest Ki, Click Here.

To review, you can do the following steps:

  1. Place your hands on your partners shoulders and allow Reiki to flow into the person. 

  2. Do this for at least a minute.
  3. Call in your Highest Guide (from the opening class meditations).

  5. With the help of your Guide, reach out and see if you are able to have a better feel for where the person needs healing energy. This just helps to grow your ability to sense this but the energy will flow to where is needed.

  7. Feel what your Reiki feels like with your Guide inside you. 

  8. Do this for at least a minute.
  9. Ask your Guide to call in one of the normal everyday guides of your partner. 

  10. Notice how this guide feels. 
    Note that your own Guide is acting as a gatekeeper and protector so you can feel quite calm and safe working this person's guides or anyones. 
  11. Ask the person's guide to transmit through you any healing energies that they feel are best for your partner.  Notice how these feel compared to the Reiki and where they flow.  Again your Guide is acting as a gatekeeper in this role.  Do this for at least a minute.

  13. Now ask your Guide to connect you with the Highest amount of Reiki you can hold right now. 

  14. Let this flow for at least a minute and notice how this feels. 
    This may be more than what you can hold for a long time, but we can often hold a larger amount of energy for a brief time.
  15. Now stop the flow of Reiki - just will this strongly in your mind.  Then ask your partner's guides to stop their flow of energy.  Thanks them and ask them to leave you.

  17. Notice how you feel without all this energy running through you, and how strong your perceptions of your partner now are.  The additional energies may have awakened or increased some of your abilities.

  19. Now ask your Guide to connect you to the Highest healing energy (your Highest Ki)  that is right your you at this time. 

  20. Ask your Guide to attune you or connect you to this energy permanently.
  21. Now let this Highest Ki flow through you and into your partner. 

  22. Do this for at least a minute. 
    Notice how this feels in comparison to the other energies you have been working with today. 
    Notice if it increases or changes your perceptions of your partner and what he or she needs.
  23. Now stop the flow of this Highest Ki - just will it to stop. 

  24. Take you hands off your partners shoulders and close or finish the healing (like aura smoothing or sealing the treatment - whatever you usually do.).
  25. Thank your Guide and ask it to leave. 

  27. Discuss what you felt with your partner and ask your partner for their own feedback. 

  29. Ask yourself which energy that you ran felt the best or strongest or right vibration for you: Reiki, the energy of your partner's guides, the highest Reiki, or your own Highest Ki.
Over the past year, each time I have given this exercise in the Channelling class, almost everyone agrees that the answer to Step 15 is their own Highest Ki.

What do you call this?  Well, just add "Ki" to your name and you have it.  This seems to explain for me why my family and friends always wanted to call me Rick-Ki (Ricky) when I was growing up <smile>   Try to find some time in your day when you can make use of your own Highest Ki.  You can use it like Reiki or any other energy you have been working with. 

Personally I feel that what Mikao Usui Sensei (the founder of Reiki) connected to was his own Highest Ki.  His spiritual system of Usui-Do was probably intended to lead you into this direction, but people were so take by his own Ki (Reiki) that they often gave up looking for their own.

If you are running a channelling class, you can add this segment into and see what results your students get.

If you have comments or suggestions, contact me. I will try to answer them all.