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In the Opening to Channel class, I taught you how to use your Highest guide to channel a variety of energies, and then transmit them out to others or to a room, preferably through your Heart Centre.  You can take this concept a bit further and hold an energetic or vibrational space for others. 

When I attended a graduate Light Body seminar held by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, Duane would channel DaBen and introduce frequencies or vibrations that may have been new to most of the audience.  In order to assist us to reach these spaces, DaBen/Duane would hold a space for us, and have several advanced students assist as well.  The result is that during that time, the audience would find it easier to attain and hold these vibrations, thus getting a good feel for the current lesson or exercise. Afterwards, we might be able to connect to this vibration ourselves, although it may take most a bit of practice in order to hold them as strongly as in class. 

One reason is that those holding space in the workshop are much more experienced working with the new energies. Another reason is that group energy work is usually more powerful for those involved.  It is as though the group amplifies the energies over and over.

If you have purchased any of the journeys or tapes offered by LuminEssence - Duane and Sanaya's company - you will probably be aware that they have their guides, Orin and DaBen, hold a space for the listener right on the tape.  This is easily done as digital and audio recordings seem to hold the additional vibrations of the time of the recording. 

You can take this concept into your own classes, meditations and even meetings. Simply channel in your highest guide as you learned in class, and then invite your guide to flow through you the energy you wish to share or fill the space with.  When you use your Heart centre for such transmission, you tend to add in the Love and Compassion your Higher Self feels for the Higher Self of all those involved.  But you can also let the energies flow from any part of you.  You become a source of this particular Light to the target audience. 

If you are teaching new vibrations to students, as in a Light Body or Reiki class, you are probably automatically flowing these new vibrations and thus holding a space for your students.  In Reiki we might be taught that we give these new vibrations to the student, but what really happens is that as we flow them, it is as though we are playing a powerful version of a new music, so that the recipient is able to soon reproduce the same music within themselves.  In Light Body classes, DaBen or Orin will do the same thing and then the student becomes familiar with the new frequencies and they become  part of their abilities.

The process in the Opening to Channel class is a bit different.  I go a little beyond working with just my highest guide.   I also connect to all the possible guides that the students may be able to connect with and then ask them to work through my highest guide to flow frequencies into the room that will enhance each student's potential to reach their highest guide at that time.  The energies are such that the student can usually reach much higher in the moment than they might actually do so on their own.  Thus they are able to integrate a stronger connection so that afterwards they can now work with the new guide on their own, each time strengthening the connection as they do so.

In order to better achieve this kind of transmission, before class I will work with all these new guides, calling them in and getting used to them.  Often I notice they will show up in advance on their own to assist me to become familiar with them.  I may not be able to hold as much of the new guide's energies as the intended student will, but with the assistance of my highest guide there is enough to connection to be useful in class. And the more I do this, the more variety and strength of new energies I too am able to hold.  So I benefit as well. 

Try working with your own highest guide to set and hold a space for your own purposes.  This type of exercise helps to stretch and grow your own energy abilities as well.

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