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Most of us are often looking for some inspiration in areas that are important to us.  It might be work, relationships, hobbies, new venture or improvement on our abilities.  Pick an area that you would like some inspiration on and then do the following process.  Right now I'm going to channel in my Guides to offer this, so what you will next see will be "automatic typing"   (-:

Greetings Fellow Explorers.
Nova here and we are pleased that you are still inquisitive enough about your channeling work to read this letter.  Let's try a brief, "eyes open" journey.

Sit with pen and paper handy, or open up a blank page on your computer where you can type.

Now, call in your Highest Guide that you connected with in class. 

Remember to fill yourself with the Light of TRUST. 

If you wish, invite your special "Friend" to be there with you. 

Now write on paper, or type on the computer, the area of interest that you are concerned about; the area in which you would like to receive a strong burst of inspiration.

After you have done this, let your mind wander a bit on this topic, giving your Guide an idea of what kind of success you would ultimately love to achieve in this area.  See if you can visualize or imagine a scene in which you are so proud and happy of your achievement.

Now, allow your Guide to channel in energy that will help you achieve this desire, to fill you with inspiration to assist you in the right directions, the best actions to take. 

As you are flowing with this energy, again write or type the same words on paper (or computer) that you did earlier, expressing the area of interest to you.  Feel the difference already in the possibilities now open to you.

As you flow with this inspiration, allow the new thoughts and ideas you are now receiving to flow forth from you, onto the paper (or computer), each word bursting with this powerful, supportive energy.  Don't stop to judge or criticize what you are writing, just let the words flow.  They may be single words, each full of connotations - of possibilities.  Or they may be complete sentences.

Let these flow until there seems to be a break - where you feel you have gotten all that energy out. 

Even if it is only one word, you have achieved a great deal here.  You have begun the creative process in this new direction.  Allow it to be and TRUST it to flow.

When you are finished, you may thank your Guide and sit back and know you have accomplished far more in that short few minutes, than you may have already to date in your area of interest. 

Throughout the day, ask your Guide to flow that special inspirational energy for this project into you.  You can let it also flow out of you into the world around you, your work, your family, your day.  Promise yourself you will remember to do this at least once a day, for the next week. 

Then one week from today, sit down and take stock of how things are flowing.  Again call in your Guide and see how you now feel about this area of interest.  Perhaps you have new insight into it, or have changed directions, or have achieved a fair amount of ground towards the goal.  But do congratulate yourself regardless, on inviting your Highest Guide to assist you in this area of your own personal growth.

We wish you most enjoyable experiences in your new explorations.

OK, now that was a bit unexpected for me - a few things added in I hadn't anticipated.  But that's what makes channeling fun as well. Always something new to learn. 

I hope you are able to take the time to do this little journey - and I suggest that if you did not try it yet, that you do so while you are reading this email, as Nova has energized it as well, with supportive energies. 

Those who are my students can let us know on the (channeling) list if you tried this and how you found the exercise.  Also, if you do work at this over the next week, share some of your results with us.  We are all there to support each other on the list, and I think that any comments will be appreciated by many. 

Sharing from the Heart,

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