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A Threshold Anecdote
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- Threshold Reiki Anecdote -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base.  While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

I wrote about my overall path to Energy Work and New Age material at "My Path to Reiki" page, but I thought I might share in more detail how I ended up practicing and teaching channeling. 

In 1975, friends of mine (Pete and Karen) enticed me into reading "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts.  I had been practicing Yoga for a couple years and was learning some meditation techniques from my teachers.  I had also been interested in the idea of reincarnation after reading "Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation" by Jess Stearn.  But Seth Speaks" was quite a different book such that every couple of pages I had to stop and think about what I had read, at least for  day or two as each contained such a new and amazing idea to digest. It took me a year to read the book but I became hooked on Jane Roberts' material.

In the years that followed I purchased all the Seth books I could find.  Then in 1981 I met Nadya and she too devoured all those books.  When we later moved in together I found her buying a variety of New Age type books, some of which were channeled, and many that were decades old.  At the time I didn't feel the urge to read most of these, but that was soon to change.  By the end of the 1980's I would sometimes pick up one of her books, like those written by Sanaya Roman or Jack Pursell, and read it very quickly.

Then one day in 1993 I discovered another of Sanaya's books - "Opening to Channel" - sitting around our apartment.  I felt a strong urge to pick it up and began to  read it and do the exercises in the book.  I was very surprised to actually sense a contact with a family of beings, not from spirit realm around the physical plane, but from a completely different reality. (I guess, something like a DaBen, Duane's guide.)  When I asked them what I should call them, they showed me a picture of an exploding and ever expanding star - a huge nova.  They said this is what their interest and purpose with me was.  They suggested to just call them "Nova."  So I invited the representative energy of them to come work with me.  But I soon found that while I could still sense them, I was not able to verbally channel them, something I thought true channeling was about (after all, this is what the book seems to present.) 

A few months later I attended what turned out to be a private Reiki 2 class, in which the teacher was also a conscious channeler who gave readings.  She recorded the class out of habit, and said she could read her guides' messages on a screen in her mind.  Her guides told me I would create energy concepts that were as easy as pushing buttons, and also that I could already channel.  That last part just made me even more confused.  A year and a half went by and during that time I would just invite Nova and any other guides that Lazarus (Jach Pursell) talk about, to be with me when I went for walks on the beach, or read books or whatever.  In the spring of 1995 I enrolled in an Awakening Your Light Body course with one of Sanaya's students, Carla, who lived in this area.

Carla's friends told me she was a natural for channeling and transmitting energies.  During class nights, sometimes she would channel her own guides (whoever would show up, she would say.)  So after the third night I stayed after class and asked her how I could solve my problem.  She said she had a channeling class that weekend and I was welcome to come (my guides love to drop things in my lap this way. smile
During the class Carla would again transmit energies and when she did this while playing Orin's main channeling journey, the 2 sets of energies together sort of pushed me through the "wall."   After that you couldn't shut my guides (me) up.  It was amazing!  smile  Also I would see a huge light (with my eyes closed) for the person in front of me with whom I was practicing channeling. Carla's light seemed immense to me.

Carla liked it when past students showed up to repeat classes and one time (my 2nd repeat class) she asked me to co-teach the class.   I did so and I could sense what she was unknowingly doing during the class exercises, and so I just used Nova to do it a bit different.  For me it was just like Reiki attunements where you are actually setting and holding a huge energy space for the students while they make whatever connection they could, whatever their current limit was.   I began to teach my own classes and to add to the Sanaya/Duane class plan as I encountered different needs of my students. 

Anyway, that's kind of how it happened.  So if any of this helps you in the meantime, then maybe you will continue to make the right connections, find that special skill your guides are interested in.  One thing I noticed in my classes, my guides and I  seem to be helping students to meet and "blend with" (Sanaya's term) beings from other realities, just like I did with Nova.  Maye this is because one of the early journeys in the Light Body course is a similar exercise.  I've learned since then that they are actually connected somehow to the individual students (like Orin and DaBen are with Sanaya and Duane) and have an interest in the person's current development towards their life work.  And because they are new to the physical plane, they seem to skip over some of the "restrictions" or "limitations" our normal guides go along with working with us. smile   They slowly grow to understand the best way to work with the student, and vice versa.

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