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When I first began to channel, my highest Guide called itself Nova.  It was actually a family of beings from outside our reality.  They wanted to work through me as they had never explored physical reality before.  They gave me that name (Nova) because of the idea I had of an exploding expanding energy, reaching out to touch all that is around it.

Every couple of weeks when I first began to channel for my wife, Nova would first stop and say it wanted to do some work with me before the verbal channeling.  Then I could suddenly feel Nova connecting me with new and higher vibrations or families of beings.  Nova simply integrated them into their family within me - sort of like those stackable Ukrainian dolls. 

Image borrowed from Russian Legacy

Anyway, at the same time I also asked Nova to connect me to 3 sets of energies I had read about from one of my Reiki teachers (for the complete Anecdote - Click Here.)  When I would channel these and share them with sensitive energy workers, they found the energy to be just as I had read, even though I didn't tell them what I would be channeling.  So I continued to do this with other energies people would tell me about or I would read about.  It got to the point where I no longer had to ask Nova to help me - as soon as I had any kind of curiosity about a new energy, Nova would hook me up and I now could run this energy.  Then I only had to work with it to make the energy as strong or stronger than what I had first experienced.

It's much like mimicking or singing a song you have just heard.  You can replay the song almost perfectly in your mind - but it might take a bit to get it really good by singing it out loud.  I have a very sensitive Reiki student who found she was doing something like this even without consciously channeling.  She would send Reiki to a person, and at the same time have a curiosity about the special energy of that person that she had read about.  Within minutes she would begin to experience that person's special energy as though they were actually sending to her.  I tried to help her understand what was happening so that she could now simply replay or run these energies herself without having to connect to the other person. 

My Guides and I have been experiencing the energies that others teach or share this way  for years.  Now I  just reach out and pick up on other energies this way, without asking Nova or any of my other Friends.  I feel that anyone can learn to do this, and they may not have to consciously ask their Guides to help; they may be able to do this through their Higher Self or Soul.  Perhaps though, working with the Guides allows a stronger or clearer connection, and also something like an attunement to the energy.

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