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-- A SImple Daily Activity

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If you have been channeling for a while, you may find that days and weeks may go by when you find you are not consciously making use of your skills.  However, the more you channel, the more permission you are actually giving your Higher Guide to interact with you on a daily basis. Hence some of the inspiration for your daily tasks (like this little article) may actually be coming from your Guide or Higher Self. 

Another example may be if you are a healer.  You might start off inviting your Guide to assist in your work, but after a time the Guide may understand that it has your permission to offer insight or provide healing energies when you work with your client.

A simple activity you can do is to just invite your Higher Guide to be with you during the day, and to offer any help that it feels you may need. Remember that your Guide is not here to live your life or take over, but simply to offer possibilities as you experience your reality.

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