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Sometimes Guides may appear in unusual ways, hoping to work with you.  They may be benevolent but may not be the beings from outside the earth plane as those you connected with in the class.  They may also be beings of Light whom you have read about and who have been helping humanity for ages. Others may show up in a meditation or in your dreams.  Some of you may feel their involvement with you may be temporary, still others may discover the same being showing up time and time again, in ways not necessarily related to channeling.  This may be the Guide's way of saying that he/she wishes to work with you on a continuing basis. 

An example of this is my early experiences with Gabriel.  In the winter of 1997 I was teaching a class to a lady who had some physical challenges getting about. We were at her place and during the class I gave her a Reiki session.  By this time in my channeling work my Guides had already been suggesting that during a healing I might offer to channel the person's normal Guides through me, and to allow them to flow any additional healing energies the recipient may require.   This seems to allows the person's Guides a better insight or connection into the time and space we are working in, and they can better appreciate the challenges my student or healing subject is experiencing.

Now normally when I had invited in a person's Guides, I felt as though they were only taking up one lane of a very large highway within me. But in this particular case the Guide that came in on my invitation seemed to take up all the room I had and even felt like he was pushing back the walls.  I was quite surprised at this and asked "Who are you?" to which the reply came "Gabriel". 

I thought the experience was quite unusual but still continued with the treatment for the next hour. Afterwards I revived my student and asked her impressions.  She said there was a lot of magenta and gold, and mentioned that when I was teaching, as I moved my hands about she would see trails of magenta.  I asked her who Gabriel was and she said it was her Guide.

Later that week I was at our Reiki booth for the Vancouver Wellness Show.  One of my students was also a participant in an Aura Soma booth nearby and I walked over to chat with her.  I told her of my experience with my other students and she was very excited, saying that I had confirmed the latest Aura Soma colour combination they had received.  It was magenta over gold and was called Gabriel. She said that I also had that colour combination on my business card.  I pulled one out and sure enough there was "Threshold Resources" in magenta with a gold line underneath it.

I realised then I probably had a new Guide working with me. It was to be a couple more years before Gabriel would no longer "push" when I called him in.  I finally grew enough "space" for him <smile> 

Around the same time, his "buddy" Michael showed up when I was giving a healing and he wanted me to channel him for the healing subject, a Filipino healer from Arizona named Joshua.  I had been treating Joshua and then gave a Reiki session with several others assisting. As I stood at the head of the table I suddenly felt a huge presence looming over me.  I asked "Who are you?".  The presence said "I am Michael."  I then said "What? THE Michael?"  And the being then said "Well yes" in a humble sort of way. He then asked if he could come through me to deliver a message to Joshua.

I agreed and it was quite the powerful experience, although I didn't think the message was very profound.  Afterwards, I told the healer that the Guide's name was Michael, and he said that Michael IS his Guide.  He was also very moved by the seemingly innocent message. It seems it had far more implications to him than to me.  I've since found that tends to be the way of channeled messages.

In 2000 Tom Rigler and I found ourselves in Osaka and Kyoto Japan, invited to give presentations on Reiki, channeling and crystal healing. As I met our hostesses, Naomi Shimazu and Chinami, at their beautiful healing centre called Shanti,  I noticed they had a display of the Aura Soma bottles in the window. (see photo below).  I walked over to the display and Naomi-san asked me what I was interested in.  I said I was looking for the bottle that was magenta over gold.  She exclaimed "Oh! Gabriel! My favourite angel!"  I suddenly could feel Gabriel's presence and knew he wished me to channel an energy gift for Naomi.  I told her this and asked if this was OK.  She nodded her head enthusiastically.  

The Beautiful Shanti Healing Space

So I simply placed my right palm above her crown and felt a powerful surge of energy flow through me and into her.  I noticed Naomi had huge tears in her eyes (I did as well) and after a short time I could feel the energy flow stop.  Right away she opened her eyes and gave me a big hug. This surprised me as I did not think this a usual way of expression in Japan.  They usually bow.  I was very honored.

Then I looked at the bottles again and I asked "What does Michael look like?" She said "Oh! Michael is my second favourite angel!"  Suddenly I felt Michael's presence and we repeated the energy gift process with the same results, the same tears (for both of us) and the same form of gratitude on Naomi's part. Naomi told me that when she was looking for a healing space, as she walked around this room she found a tiny feather on the floor, and suddenly had a vision of the entire room filled with angel feathers.  She knew this was the right place, already blessed by the angels.

After the classes, Naomi gave Tom and I a set of Aura Soma products,. She surprised me with the 2 bottles for Gabriel and Michael, for which I was very grateful.  Afterwards I looked up their meaning at the Aura Soma web site as I felt it might give me better insight into my work with these 2 guides. (Note: You can also go there and choose an Equilibrium bottle (on Page 2) and read what the colours imply for you.)


Archangel Gabriel
(magenta over gold)

"The alignment of your soul consciousness or true aura of the self. Only by loving oneself first can love for the entire "family of man" be realised. Love in the little things and the wisdom to connect with that."

Archangel Michael
(pale blue over pale yellow)

"Surrender of the individual will to Divine Will. Facilitates moving from a state of hope to a state of faith as all judgments and attachments are surrendered to live in accordance with the Divine plan."

Samples from the Aura Soma web site

I was surprised to realise that I had already initiated the Divine Will connection (with Michael) earlier in the spring of 1999 as I had worked for 3 weeks with the Orin and DaBen grid of Light Workers to help establish a link of Divine Will on the planet.  And from that day in 1999 on I was adding Divine Will into my Threshold Reiki Master integrated attunement.  

So as you can see, the guides can have some very surprising ways of getting your attention, and affirming that they are indeed working with you.  I really enjoy this form of co-creation.

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