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Date last updated: November 15, 2002

I clicked on the daily channeling inspiration at  www.orindaben.com and got this today.

Although channeling is of immediate value to you in your life, it takes practice to become good. Those who become adept are people who set aside time to bring through guidance regularly. Just as most people do not become concert pianists in just one session, most of those who develop clear links and good connections to their guides practice on a regular basis.

It's pretty obvious advice but yet I do hear from students who say they have difficulty with channeling outside of class. Part of this challenge it being able to integrate more and more of the energy of your Highest Guide.  And this takes time for some.  Each time you bring your Guide in you will be coming stronger in it's energy, and be able to hold more the next time, AND be able to more easily channel.

I suppose part of the problem is that in class there are many guides present who are supporting your efforts.  Once you leave you may feel that the support isn't there like it was in class.  You can always ask my Guides and Orin and DaBen to be there to assist you. They are very pleased to help you establish a better connection to your own Guide.

Another part of the problem could be the lack of discipline.  In class I was there to keep you going and working on your own or with a partner. If you haven't found someone you can channel for or you keep forgetting to find time to practice, this can be a bit frustrating as you may feel you cannot be as successful as before.

In this case, you can replay the original meditation, but first tell yourself to simply re-establish the connection with your current Guide, rather than reaching out to yet another Higher Guide (who you may also find you do not have the time to spend integrating smile).

Imagine you are back in class again - at that same time and space. Then start the meditation. You might even have a list of questions to ask your guide at the end of the meditation rather than asking them to leave as the meditation directs. But remember to limit your time to about 20 minutes until you have done the channelling for a couple of weeks.  Take a break and then begin another exercise.

If you would like a channeling partner, you can ask someone from your clas to work with you. (I can help you get in touch.)  You can exchange questions or ideas, and then channel for each other and send the results by email.

And don't forget to incorporate the Light of Trust in all your channelling work.

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