By Dr. Joshua David Stone as
commanded by the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
from his 2nd ray ashram

Excerpted from "The Complete Ascension Manual for the Aquarian Age"


As of September 1994 there are five hundred Ascended Masters on the surface of the Earth who have completed their ascension. I mention the surface of the Earth here, for there are another three hundred added to this accounting if you include the Ascended Masters in the hollow Earth. There are a grand total of somewhere between 1800 and 2500 Ascended Masters. If you include the etheric Ascended Masters who no longer retain physicl vehicles, this number includes many of the Ashtar command and Ascended Masters in the spiritual government on the inner plane currently who are focused on Earth service. Of the five hundred Ascended Masters who are physicalized and on the surface, thirty of them have just recently completed their ascension and are members and/or students of Djwhal Khul and His ashram.
It is important to understand here that there is a big difference between what might be termed a kindergarten Ascended Master and an Ascended Master who has completed their ascension. This can be explained by understanding that there are 7 major initiations that all who travel the spiritual path must traverse. These seven major initiations were delineated quite clearly in the Theosophical Society, headed by Madame Blavatsky, and in the Alice Bailey books written by the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul. This information was expanded again by The Tibetan Foundation that was headed up by a most phenomenal channel by the name of Janet McLure. My wife, Terri and I, and my dear friend and spiritual sister Marcia Dale Lopez, have connections in all three movements. Our current work is to bring forth a part of the next dispensation of information of Djwhal Khul and the Spiritual Hierarchy, as we mutually anchor Djwhal's ashram on the East and West coast.
Of the five thousand Ascended Masters predicted for Wesak (May 1995), approximately 2500 will be completing their sixth and the other 2500 of the kindergarten variety, which means again just taking the beginning of the sixth. Melchizadek told us that there would be approximately 30 000 Ascended Masters on the planet by the year 2000 of both the completed and kindergarten variety. After the year 2000, there is the potential for this number to jump at a much larger rate.
By the year 2000, Melchizadek said there could be 5000 to 10 000 completed seventh degree initiates on the planet
I also asked about walkins. I was given a figure of there being 250 000 walkins on the planet. I would take these numbers with a grain of salt, because the future is always changing as we use out free choice, however they do provide some perspective and ball park figures for the planetary ascension process. 
I use to be confused why the Masters called ascension the sixth initiation rather than the seventh. The reason for this is that one achieves ascension at the sixth initiation, however does not complete one's ascension until taking the seventh sublevel between the sixth and seventh initiations. In other words there are seven sublevels between each of the seven major initiations.
A kindergarten Ascended Master has just taken the sixth initiation. This signifies complete freedom from the wheel of rebirth, and in the past meant death of the physical vehicle. In more recent times most kindergarten Ascended Masters usually remain on earth for service purpose. Upon evolving through the seven sublevels of the sixth initiation they officially complete their ascension. Shortly thereafter they take their seventh initiation, which marks total completion of the ascension or the sixth initiation.
The seventh initiation is the final and last initiation that can be taken on the physical plane. When one first takes the seventh initiation they are again considered a kindergarten seventh degree initiate. There are seven sublevels that must be evolved through to complete this initiation. Upon reaching the seventh sublevel of the seventh initiation all initiations stop until one leaves the physical plane. One cannot take the eighth initiation without losing the physical vehicle.
In some systems of spiritual growth there has been the reference to three sublevels between each of the seven major initiations. This is the system used, in reality, by Brian Grattan in his wonderful Mahatma books. Brian speaks of twelve initiations rather than seven. Djwhal told Marcia and me that the two systems of looking at the initiations process are the same up to the sixth initiations. The seventh, eighth and ninth initiations in Brian's system are the three sublevels of the sixth initiation. Initiations ten, eleven and twelve are the three sublevels of the seventh initiation. In other words, full completion of the seventh initiation in Djwhal Khul's system would be the same as the twelfth initiation in Brian Grattan's system. I share this so there may be greater unification and understanding between these two most useful systems.
The seventh initiation is full merger with the Logoic or seventh plane of relity. I use the term plane here, rather than dimension, for the seventh initiation is merger with the sixth dimension of relity. Ascension is merging with the 5th dimension of reality. It is the seventh initiation where the advanced ascension skills such as teleportation, walking on water, and materialization are a potentiality, however not automatically acquired. Djwhal Khul has also guided us that the highest light quotient that a person can hold without losing the physical vehicle is 98%. At the completion of the seventh initiation one retains this level of light quotient until leaving the earthly plane. The seventh degree initiate is usually a teacher on a more global scale, which is not necessarily true of a sixth degree initiate.
The Earth is also in this same type of initiation process, and when she completes her seventh initiation she will actually disappear and ascend also, and take her eighth initiation on the inner plane. This building one's light quoutient is one of the most important factors in attaining these advanced initiations. For the sake of review for those who have not read my books, the third initiation requires a minimem of 56% light quotient. The fourth initiation requires 62% light quotient. The fifth initiation requires 75% light quotient. The sixth initiation and/or ascension, requires 80% to 83% light quotient. The seventh initiation requires a minimum of 92% light quotient.
In finishing up our discussion here on the process of how to complete one's ascension and move on to the seventh initiation, there are a few other most interesting pieces of information I would like to share with you in my continuing research. There has been almost no information on the 7th initiation available on this plane. The little we do have is from Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey, however Djwhal wrote most of those books as a fifth degree initiate and an inner plane sixth degree initiate. The information fifty years ago was very sketchty. The seventh initiation is merger with the Planetary Logos and Shamballa, the will aspect of the creator for planet Earth. It is full merger with the monad. Ascension is only 80 to 83% merger. It is the initiation that begins the process of transcending the physical laws. There is a core group of people in Djwhal's ashram that are now preparing to take this initiation.
The seventh initiation creates a complete implosion of energy in the heart chakra. It creates a whole new unified chakra system, which is metaphorically like the creation of a new star system. The seventh initiation is a complete commitment to service, group consciousness, and relinquishment of negative ego and separateness. One becomes a concentrated point of living light. It gives the initiate the right to come and go in the courts of Shamballa. It has been referred to, esoterically, as the initiation of "Resurrection".
Lord Maitreya took His seventh on the cross at the death of the Master Jesus. The initiate has found his way back to his originating Source, or that state of existence known as Shamballa. One has officially become a seventh degree Melchizadek. At the taking of the seventh initiation an even higher electrical force is transmitted by Sanat Kumara through his "Rod of Initiation", which signifies full completion. One does not complete their seventh initiation until they stabilize their light quotient at the 97% to 98% light quotient level. Djwhal told us that one is not really in the seventh until they are at the 94% light quotient level. One touches the very edges of it as early as the 89% level of light quotient, however really is not in the seventh fully until the 94% level.
There are 5000 people scheduled to complete their ascension as of Wesak (Festival of the Buddha in full moon of May) 1995. At this time there will be 500 people on the Earth who have completed their seventh initiation. In September of 1994 there were 200 people on the surface of the Earth who had completed the seventh initiation.
I also want to make it clear here that these higher initiations occur in groups or waves. It can be likened to a sports team. Even though there may be star players on any sports team who score more points than the others, all get the same championship ring if the team wins. The gains of one are shared by all. This removes all sense of competition or comparing. The process can also be likened to a puzzle. All have a part to play even though some may have a bigger puzzle piece than others. The puzzle cannot be complete if all do not play their part.
Another example Djwhal has used is an emergency room. The ambulance driver, receptionist, orderlies, nurses, doctors all must do their part in perfect cooperation. Relating this to the initiation process, all will take the same initiation even though one job may be more glamorous than another. The Masters are not looking for glamour, but rather that each initiate does his or her job for the good of the greater ashramic work and fulfillment of the Divine Plan! My job, for example is to write books and teach. My wife, Terri's job is to voice channel. Marcia's job is to run Djwhal Khul's ashram in New York. We each have our part to play and there are many others who are a part of our larger puzzle upon whom we rely as much as they rely on our doing our parts. The fastest path to ascension completion and the seventh initiation is to play your Divine part perfectly!
The information in this chapter has been excerpted from my six volume set of books, "The-Easy-To-Read-Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path". Five of these books are now available through the author with the sixth volume, "A Spiritual Autobiography of My Actual Ascension" available shorly after Wesak of 1996 with an additional 6 volumes being published in September 1996.
Cutting Edge Ascension Techniques
The following Ascension techniques from my six volume series of books, "The Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path" are some of the most advanced cutting edge ascension techniques you will find anywhere on planet Earth. Practice them with regularity and I will personally guarantee you most extraordinary results. I can say this both from theoretical and experientially knowledge. For a more in-depth study, I would recommend reading all six volumes which make up this set. Please share this article with your friends.

Ascension Technique Number One - The Ascension Seats

One of the most extraordinary pieces of information I have come across in my continuing research is the existence of actual ascension seats on planet Earth and throughout the universe. The following are the ones I have uncovered so far.
A. The golden chamber of Melchizadek in the Universal Core.
B. Lenduce's ashram ascension seat at the Galactic Level.
C. Ascension seat in Melchior's ashram in the Galactic Core.
D. Ascension seat in the Solar Core in the Chamber of Helios.
E. Ascension seat in Shamballa, the home of Sanat Kumara.
F. Ascension seat on the Arcturian space craft called the "Light Synthesis Chamber".
VI. Ascension seat in the Great Pyramid of Giza in the King's Chamber.
VII. Ascension seat in Table Mountain Wyoming, called the "Atomic Accelerator".
VIII. Ascension seat in Mt. Shasta.
A. Ascension seat in Telos, the underground city one mile below Mt. Shasta.
B. Ascension seat on Commander Ashtar's ship.
C. Ascension seat in Africa in an underground UFO space craft.
D. Ascension seat in the center of the Middle Earth in Melchizadek's Golden Chamber
E. Ascension seat in Serapis Bey's ascension retreat in Luxor.

These fourteen ascension seats, in my opinion, are truly one of the golden keys to achieving and completing your ascension. Use them as much as possible. All you have to do is ask very simply in meditation to be taken to the ascension seat of your choosing and you are instantly there in your spiritual body. You will immediately feel a subtle and sometimes not so subtle spiritual current running through your entire four body system.
The ascension seats will help strengthen your grid system, revitalize your molecules, build light quotient, and accelerate your ascension. The Ascended Masters have given us a variety of seats to prevent boredom and to spice up our spiritual exploration. I would recommend using the first three ascension seats on the list more after you ascend. Working with ascension seats on the Galactic and Universal level before you have even ascended is getting a little ahead of oneself. You are certainly welcome to experiment with them a little bit, however. Use the other ascension seats for your regular serious ongoing meditation work, I would also recommend using some of the other meditations I have provided in my books while sitting in the ascension seats.
The only ascension seat in this list that I have ever seen in any book is the one called the "Atomic Accelerator", which Saint Germain spoke of in His wonderful books called the "I Am Discourses". The rest have all been channeled from spirit and are truly a Divine dispensation for humanity at this most wondrous time in which we are now living.

Ascension Technique Number Two

Call forth from Sanat Kumara, Vywamus, and your own Mighty I Am Presence for a firing of all your fire letters key codes, and sacred geometries from the twelve dimensions of reality. Upon doing this infinitesimally small fire letters, key codes and sacred geometric shapes will come pouring through your crown chakra and begin flowing through your entire meridian system. The higher you go in spiritual evolution, the more key codes and fire letters are available for activation and anchoring.

Ascension Technique Number Three

Call forth the Microtron by Metatron. The Microtron is a type of microchip and energy lattice work that is laid in that allows for the availability of the highest level of ascension energy one can potentially receive!

Ascension Technique Number Four

Call forth, directly and specifically, the ascension energies to come forth, down through the crown chakra. Djwhal Khul has told us that this can be seen as a golden white light. It is a good idea to start every meditation invoking this energy to make the ascension connection
Ascension Technique Number Five

Call forth a light shower from Archangel Metatron, the Mahatma, and Melchizadek. Begin a dedicated focus on intent to build your light quotient every day, ultimately to the 80% to 83% needed to ascend.

Ascension Technique Number Six

Call forth from Vywamus and Djwhal Khul, the matrix removal program. This is a most wonderful, divine dispensation recently received by humanity from Sanat Kumara and the Spiritual Hierarchy. I first learned about it from my dear friend and fellow compatriot in Djwhal Khul's ashram, Marcia Dale Lopez. My knowledge was then increased much further by recent channeling of my wife, Terri, during a recent workshop which we held at our home.
The basic concept here is that the Spiritual Hierarchy has now been given permission to actually pull the fear based programs right out of our subconscious minds and four body system. This is done much like a gardener pulls weeds out of the Earth. The fear based programs actually look like dark black weeds with many roots when you look at them clairvoyantly. This matrix removal program has never been available to humanity before this time. It is brand new. Ask Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to be set up in this program on the inner plane.
Also just request, in your meditation, for all your fear based programs to be removed. It helps if you can be more specific. This work can be done when you are in an emotional crisis or when you are feeling good and just want to do more refining work. In a recent workshop which Terri and I put on concerning this topic, Djwhal Khul told us that in one weekend 45% of our core fear was actually removed, pulled out, and completely erased from the soul records, This is quite extraordinary, as I am sure you will agree. It is available to you, for the asking.
For an in-depth understanding of this whole process I would recommend reading my sixth book, "A Spiritual Autobiography of My Actual Ascension", soon to be available, in which I lay the ground work. I have dedicated an entire chapter to explaining how this process works. If you have not already read it, I also suggest my second book called "Soul Psychology", to prepare the way for this more advanced material.
There is also a new book by Marcia Dale Lopez entitled "A Call to Serve". Marcia and I work so closely together that I am sure you will enjoy reading her book as much as you have enjoyed mine. 
While this work is going on you will feel subtle energy work going on in your crown chakra. For those who are not clairvoyant, and cannot see it actually happening, just trust that it is going on. Ask that it be done while you are sleeping, as well.

Ascension Technique number Seven

Call to Archangel Metatron for a one hundred percent light quotient increase. This is one of my favorite ascension techniques and I use it all the time. I use it not only in meditation, but also while watching television with my wife late at night. Believe it or not, some of my best light quotient building has occurred during these times. I am a firm believer in time management. Some of my best ascension work is while standing in line at the bank, grocery store, and running errands. Metatron is a most glorious Being and has great abilities in the area of light technology.

Ascension Technique Number Eight

Go to the golden chamber of Melchizadek and request to be initiated into the Order of Melchizadek by the Universal Logos, Melchizadek Himself. Whatever level of initiation you are at does not matter. Just ask to begin this process and ask for His blessing. Melchizadek is the Being that ensouls our entire Universe and it is the Order of Melchizadek which is the core, essence and antecedent of all spiritual teachings on planet Earth. Who better to be initiated into this order by than Melchizadek Himself!

Ascension Technique Number Nine

Call forth to your own Mighty I Am Presence for the spinning of all your electrons at the Ascended Master frequency.
Ascension Technique Number Ten
Every day, go for what I refer to as an "Ascension Walk". This is also one of my most favorite spiritual practices of all and is actually one of my favorite parts of the day. Begin your walk invoking one of the ascension seats or a light shower from Metatron, Mahatma, Melchizadek or all three. Then just walk and try to remain a little more receptive than normal. If you get too masculine or active in your thinking you can disconnect the energies a bit. No harm done, you can just call Them in again, if this begins to happen. This particular ascension technique is also good practice for "bilocating" when you are using the ascension seats. By this, I mean part of you will be in the ascension seat and part walking. It is good to begin practicing doing two things at once or simultaneously even prior to your ascension. I do want to say here that it is possible to do too much ascension seat activity. The physical body needs some time during the day to run its own natural current. Practice a lot but do take a break. The energies will usually stop on their own during meals, driving and more masculine (yang) activities.

Ascension Technique Number Twelve

Call forth from Melchior, Lenduce, Vywamus, and Sanat Kumara for an anchoring of the light packets of information from the higher university on Sirius. These are actually like metaphysical light envelope packets that are programmed into our computer banks and four body system. Every night before sleep ask to travel to Sirius to attend classes in the higher university.

Ascension Technique Number Thirteen

Do these meditations I am giving you here and in my books, especially on the full moon each month. Special astrological configurations, Wesak, Christmas, December 31st, on special spiritual occasions such as the 11:11 or the 12:12, comets hitting Jupiter, Saints birthdays, and so on. These special days allow for special openings, gateways, and downpourings of spiritual energies. They can provide a quantum leap of energy that sometimes many weeks of meditating, alone, cannot provide.

Ascension Technique Number Fourteen

Call forth from Vywamus, Sanat Kumara and Djwhal Khul and your own Mighty I Am Presence for the anchoring of your monadic blueprint body. Ask that this now replace the previous tainted blueprint you have been working off of through all of your past lives. This will provide you with a perfect blueprint for your physical vehicle to work with. Many people never recover from chronic physical health problems because of this . Also call in the MAP (Medical Assistance Program) healing team and the etheric healing team to repair any damage in the etheric vehicle that needs repairing from all your past lives and present life. The value of this simple ascension technique cannot be over estimated! Call to the Arcturians and ask to be taken to the "Mechanism Chamber" any time you need physical healing.

Ascension Technique Number Fifteen

Call to your Mighty I Am Presence, Vywamus, and Djwhal Khul and ask that your monad (spirit or Mighty I Am Presence) be permanently anchored into your physical vehicle. This can be done for you upon request. This will greatly accelerate the merger of your personality, soul and monad which is, in truth, what ascension really is.

Ascension Technique Number Sixteen

Before bed every night ask to be enrolled in teleportation classes on the inner plane. Your spiritual body will receive all necessary information which will be stored up until that time when you are ready to really do it. Djwhal Khul has told us that one realistically needs to almost complete their seventh initiation and be up to the 96% to 98% light quotient to actually do this. Teleportation is, of course, the actual moving of the physical body from one location to the other. Teleportation is not a requirement for completing the seventh initiation, however. It is optional.

Ascension Technique Number Seventeen

Request to be enrolled, either in meditation or before bed in Djwhal Khul's second ray light quotient building program on the inner plane. This program is orchestrated by Djwhal Khul and is much like an intravenous needle giving nutrients to a hospital patient. While sleeping, the light quotient is dripped in at a gradual and safe rate to those who are enrolled in the program. Regardless if you are personally connected to Djwhal Khul's ashram, all are welcome. The Chohans of the Seven Rays send most of their students for training to Djwhal's ashram. It is good to work and take advantage of the different programs going on in all seven ashrams of El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwhal Khul, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Jesus, and Saint Germain.

Ascension Technique Number Eighteen

Call for the permanent anchoring of the Cosmic Heart from Vywamus and Djwhal Khul. This invocation speaks for itself as to its intent and purpose.

Ascension Technique Number Nineteen

Call forth to Vywamus, Archangel Michael, and Djwhal Khul to place a golden dome of protection around you at all times, Request that Vywamus bring forth His Golden Hands like a net, through your fields and remove all alien implants, elementals, negative entities, imbalanced energie, and etheric mucous.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty

Call forth in your home where you meditate or hold classes, a permanent ascension column to be set up by the Ascended Masters. If needed, set up two of them, one in your meditation room and one in your living room where meetings are held. As you evolve, your ascension column will evolve. All who enter it will be helped and accelerated.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty One

At the end of your meditation call forth what I am calling here the "mini-tornadoes" to help blend your higher bodies with your four body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies) on Earth. The mini-tormadoes are, again, infinitesimally small tornadoes that blend and merge the higher bodies with lower bodies. These tornadoes are almost like sewing the two bodies together. The mini-tornadoes can clearly be seen by those who are clairvoyant. For those of you who are not clairvoyant, just trust that they are there and will anchor at your slightest invocation. 

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Two

Call forth from Helios for the anchoring and activation of your Ascension Healing Module. This Module is a specific type of merkabah that upon request can be programmed for ascension activation. It can also be extremely helpful in facilitating the achoring and firing of all the fire ketters, key codes and sacted geometries I spoke of earlier.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Three

Call forth from the Mahatma and your own Mighty I Am Presence for a widening of your antakharana and rainbow bridge both on a personal and cosmic level so a greater amount of God current can flow into your field.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Four

Call forth from your own Mighty I Am Presence and monad for an achoring and activation of your unified chakra. When you ascend, the seven chakras become one elongated chakra. This can be invoked and set into place before you ascend, for the asking.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Five

Call forth from the Earth Mother and Archangel Sandalphon and Khamel for an alignment of your personal kundalini with the planetary kundalini. This will facilitate a greater influx of energy through your feet chakra, root chakra and grounding cord.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Six

Call forth to Vywamus, Djwhal Khul and the Earth Mother that your personal energies be integrated and aligned with the twelve Elohim computers in the Earth that are in the process of firing and activating over the next five years. As these Elohim computers fire, there will be a corresponding activation within your own being.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Seven

Call forth to Melchizadek to purify your intire being with His golden flame and sacred ash, to remove all impurities in your four body system, and remove all blemishes of negative ego, separativeness, and fear based reactions.

Ascension Technique Number Twenty Eight

Call to the seven Ray Masters to shine through the third eye center and connect the force of the rainbow bridge and antakharana, into the light of the ascension column. Request that this be done through the entire chakra column, through the soul all the way back to the monad.


As you can see these are extraordinary ascension tools and techniques. Practice them as much as possible. Share them with your friends and send or FAX them around the country and globe. I do recommend reading the six volumes I have written called "The-Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path". These books are one of the most complete programs of spiritual growth ever written, and most importantly, they are extremely easy to read. Light Technology publishers will be officially publishing the entire set, however, for the time being I have self published them until the process of getting them in print and to all the book stores is complete. To obtain copies of the book
series, please contact METATRON.

By Universal Order, Copy and Reproduce as much as You can!. 

DJWHAL KHUL is an Ascended Master who works on the second 
Ray and who channels through a variety of mediums for the purpose
of assisting Humanity, World Servers, Teachers, and Healers. DK, also known as the Tibetian, previously channeled many books through Alice A. Bailey.

Currently DK is involved in assisting the re-education of humanity by connecting students with their Spiritual Teachers on the Inner Planes, training channels, clearing subconscious patterns, and promoting personal and planetary spiritual development. He also inspires the writing of screenplays, and other creative arts.

DJWHAL KHUL is a compassionate, non-discriminating, non-jedgmental, and loving teacher who promotes love, wisdom and discernment in all facets of life.

Om Mani Padme Hum