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The Chakras

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The chakra system has seven major chakras in the body that function separately. Each chakra looks like a swirling cone of energy, opening up in the front and back but very narrow in the center of the body. In that narrow center point is a ring that holds the chakra in this position called a seal. For the course of the karmic game, the heart chakra has been semi-closed so that all chakras would operate at a lower karmic functioning. Most human interactions have been based out of the lower three chakras.


With Lightbody activation, the heart chakra opens into its higher functioning and takes predominance over the others. This forces the other six chakras to begin operating at their Higher Divine functioning also. The seven seals break open and the chakras change shape from conical to spherical. Then they all begin to merge into what we call the unified chakra. The other seven chakras that exist outside the physical body activate, starting with the eighth, nine and tenth chakras. These upper chakras open into the unified chakra and stimulate the emotional, mental, and Spiritual bodies to unify. As the heart chakra opens multi-dimensionally, the more unified the other chakras and the energy bodies become. This forms a unified energy field which becomes the vehicle for ascension as the Oversoul, the Christ Oversoul, and the I AM presence descend to merge with it.

The Base, or First Chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It connects the body to the planet and regulates life-force in the body. It also has connections with the Instinctive Center, located just above and behind it.

The Navel, or Second Chakra, governs sexual and creative energy in the body.

The Solar Plexus, or Third Chakra, is the source of power and the force of will through the ego. The "ego" is the combined Lower Bodies, the Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies.

The Heart, or Fourth Chakra, is located in the center of the chest. It forms the basis and center for the Unified Chakra. It is the source for love and manifestation.

The Throat, or Fifth Chakra, governs the expression of one's truth.

The Brow, or Sixth Chakra, governs the perception of truth. The Third Eye structure is located right in front of it.

The Crown, or Seventh Chakra, forms the connection from the body to the upper chakras and the Spiritual Body.

The Alpha/Omega Chakras, located 8 inches above and 8 inches below the spine respectively, form between them the Waves of Metatron of Electric, Magnetic, and Gravitational function. They act as anchors--the Alpha connects the lower bodies with it upper-dimensional counterparts, and the Omega anchors the lower bodies across their holographic grid of incarnations.