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Energy Influences

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Last Updated: November 15, 2008
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This page is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work.  The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint.  While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

Sometimes energy workers talk to me about feeling drained or unwell during or after a healing session they have presided over. This might be an in-person session or a distant one. Usually Reiki and other healing systems teach that this doesn't normally happen as it can be easily avoided. But I think often we energy teachers might only be thinking about the avoiding the effects of the negative energy or illness that a healing subject may have. Perhaps there is another reason why we as the healer might be having less than optimum experiences from a healing situation.

If you are getting sick or feeling drained in the presence of others, remember that energy work is a two way street. You might have a look at my new Reiki Analogies article - the part about Reiki being like music. I feel that the vibrations (emotions, thoughts, spiritual energy) that everyone puts out is their own form of music or radiance together with their natural energies and whatever they are working with. So we are all influenced by the energy of others, especially if they are still on our minds, or they had a strong influence with us at one time, or their departure is still fresh,; and especially if they had strong concentrations of energy in certain areas of their lives that overlapped ours. But if people could actually take or drain our energy, we would shortly no longer exist,. This would especially be true around very needy people.

If you have unknowingly retained or allowed your own connection to these people, even after your departure, then you may still be listening to their music; or it may simply stronger in certain areas than your overall music. So you either need to grow your own music stronger, or you can sort of "close the window" on their energy (create that mirror) or set up a filter that changes the energy as it approaches you. You will need to do this constantly and this can be a good task to ask your guides to assist with. They can simply monitor for situations like this and then nudge you to when it's time to set up or strengthen your Light filters. If you aren't sure about working with guides, then try the "string on a finger" approach. This is where you purposely begin to wear certain jewellery (watch, ring, bracelet) with the intention that this reminds you to set up a filter when needed. Or you can change the arm you wear your watch on, or the finger you wear a ring, with the same intention. After a week of doing this your internal program should be in place and you will automatically raise your shields or filter when needed (or all the time.)

My understanding of the nature of reality is that we really don't take on or lose energy within our own personal "space"; we are just influenced by stronger, or more intense, or more interesting energies from other sources. If people or situations were able to drain our energies, we would soon have no aura (or body) to speak of. And if we were taking on these energies, we would have huge auras, extending out miles, while the person sending would soon shrivel up. 

I suppose this is mainly why I like the "Reiki as Music" analogy. When we hear or play music, the source remains unchanged. That is, the music CD is always available in it's original format. 

Another aspect of this that was mentioned recently on my student lists, and illustrated in some energy books like "Light Emerging" by Barbara Brennan, is that we often directly connect with others (and probably things or places) using what look like cords of energy. Usually these are temporary ones except in the case of strong or long term connections. So we might leave the location of direct influence of a person, place or thing but still be connected energetically. My guides tell me this is why some people have difficulty letting their etheric body dissolve upon death - there is too much of a connection to someone still living, or to a certain place where they lived or frequented. However, the higher levels of our aura do seem to move on after death. Apparently all levels of our aura have our complete memory of this lifetime.

I understand that at one level of our existence we are all connected with each other and with everything else via cords, much like very fine strands of lace, but I think those are more subtle, rather than concentrated like these other cords. So we might think we have disconnected with someone, but they may still be strongly connected to us, even just because they still think about us, and often.

There are lots of ways people have come up with to disconnect undesirable cords. Setting up energy filters or mirroring energies back to the person are a couple. Lazaris (channelled by Jach Pursel) suggests imagining that you are in a hot air balloon, tethered to the ground by all these cords and those of any obligations you feel. Then you imagine you go around the balloon perimeter, cutting the cords you do not wish in your life. If you like, you can invite Spirit to help, like the archangel Michael who can use his sword of Light to assist you.

Another way is to continue to work with more and more higher vibrations of energy, thus becoming a greater and greater source of Light. Thus you increase your radiance. (for more on this, see my article on Radiance.) Eventually you will notice these other energies less and less as they actually shift as soon as they reach you, and more important, as those connected to you begin to experience your higher vibrations and begin to change. Some simply have to cut the cords themselves as they are not ready or willing to experience so much Light yet.

Take some time in your day to reflect on the cords you may have connecting you to others,. And reflect on the Radiance that you are currently employing and developing. Then think about taking some action to improve on these. Notice if this enhances your daily life.

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.     I will try to answer them all.

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