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Threshold Experience - Being Normal

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Last Updated: September 20, 2018
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- Threshold Reiki Experience -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base. 
While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

 I remember talking to a 15 year old girl at our Wellness Fair Reiki Booth one day.  She was sitting in a chair waiting for her mother who was getting a 20 minute treatment by several of our volunteers.  I asked her if she would like to try a treatment as well, to which she quickly said "Yes, please."  So I just slowly placed my hands on her shoulders and let the energy be drawn by her.  (by the way, have you read my "Reiki Analogies" article?)  I asked her if she could feel that and she said she could.  So after a time I felt I was getting messages from my guides so I said to the girl "You see things.  You see things that other people don't see."  She said "Not things, people"  (meaning of course, spirit beings.)  So I said "Well,  I said what you see is real."  She looked up at me and said "THANK YOU."  I guess not many people had believed her.  I told her not to worry and that she was normal, and the rest of us were just trying to get back to that normal state.  She was quite pleased by this.

By now her mother was off the Reiki table and talking to some of the volunteers.  So I came  around the chair and asked her if she would like to have this Reiki energy for herself, to make use of.  She did, very much so.  So I looked up at her mother who was some distance away, and she was looking at me.  I asked if it was OK with her if I gave her daughter the Reiki ability.  She said yes and I think she looked a bit envious.  So I did a simple attunement on her, what my friends and students would call "Rick-ju" s,  And then afterwards I let the girl feel the energy flow,  She was quite amazed.  So I gave her some simple instructions and said she could pay me back by doing Reiki often on her mother.

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