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Threshold Experience- Butterfly and Tree effect

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Last Updated: January 19, 2021
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- Threshold Reiki Experience -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base. 
While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

Sometimes I would get emails from Reiki students with comments like this:
"Next to giving myself a self treatment, I also used to treat my wife. It is good that she had the Reiki attunement gift from you, because she said she experienced the energy. Unfortunately she does not work with it (meaning Reiki).  I need to understand this, although I  know it is her choice."

I have found that in many cases with Reiki workers (and other energy workers) that their life partner or a close friend is often someone like this, someone who chooses not to work with the energies their partner enjoys.  Or at least, the other person is not as enthusiastic about what doing what their partner's energy work is, yet they support that work completely. 

One evening I noticed something like this at a party Nadya and I went to years ago where a large group of energy workers were present, most with their partners or close friends.   I should note that many of them were not drinking alcohol beverages.  Yet some of these were exhibiting behaviour similar to as if they had, and quite a lot.

I talked with the partner of a very powerful clairvoyant I had met some time before.  I don't recall what his occupation was but it wasn't as an energy worker.  But I quite enjoyed our discussion.  Then I excused myself and walked into the kitchen to talk with my Light Body and Channeling teacher.   As I  was talking with her and one of our energy worker friends, these two were acting as if they had too much to drink, yet they were drinking plain juice.  I walked away from their fun exchange feeling a bit drunk myself, even though I had been drinking only my own juice. 

Then I stood next to Nadya who was talking with the spouse of another energy worker. I do not think he was an energy worker. Suddenly I felt completely sober.  That did surprise me.  After a minute or so I then walked over to another group of energy workers laughing and talking in a corner and suddenly I felt drunk again. 

It was as if the areas with mostly Light/energy workers were areas of relaxed and ungrounded, yet very high energy, while those with mostly non Light workers were much more sober, more grounded. I was surprised how this affected me. But then I thought about this.

I think what surprised me most was how most of the Light workers seemd to have a friend or partner who was much more grounded, and not so active in the same enrgy work as their partner.  I suppose I just assumed that all their partners would be equally immersed inn the other's energy work.

I knew that Nadya has a lot of "earth" energy and she is a very grounded in her energy.  So she accepts what I do and we research things together .  But unless I ask, or the children need it, she doesn't use much of the energy work I teach, or she uses it in a much simpler way. 

I have very little earth in my astrology chart.  So she tends to be a good part of my own grounding support.  I have discovered tha this allows me to can take on and flow much more energy.  Plus I am slowly copying her natural energy and also other grounding energies so  I now do this myself.  I find the more grounded I  get with my energies, the more she begins to get interested in the energy work.  And slowly she has expanded her own active interest in what I do.

So I came to realise that many of us have that kind of support from our partners.  We tend to be a kind of opposite, energy-wise, but a very good support.  It is as if the each relies on the other for their support, but either cannot yet get invovled in the other's work, oir just seems not to be drawn to it. 

I call this the "Butterfly and Treesmiley   The tree needs the wildlife to survive, flutter around it, but in some ways taking care of it.  And the butterfly needs the tree as well, a safe and comfortable place to land and rest.    I have continued to notice this with other energy workers over the years.

This might seem to explain why some of our partners or friends or family are not yet drawn to the energy concepts and ways that we are.  They need to remain more grounded than we are to kind of help us be more earth connected, until such time that we can sustain ourselves this way.  Then they might be able to finally begin to work with more Reiki or energy concepts themselves. 

In return, we might be helping them to refrain from getting too stuck in the earth energies, to rooted in the reasoning and analytical world.  Yet once we become more grounded they can then begin to explore the more etheric and spiritual arts.  As in many things in life, balance seems to be the key.

Somes cases that are an exception to this are when the grounded person is much more earth oriented than their partner and can easily handle both their own Reiki abilities and their partner's.  Or of course the cases where the partner is not yet a strong energy worker.

So are you the Butterfly or are you the Tree

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.     I will try to answer them all.

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