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Threshold Anecdote -
Charging a Room and CoWorkers With Reiki and Light

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Last Updated: August 27, 2016
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- Threshold Reiki Anecdote -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base.  While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

One of the regrets I used to have concerning the timing of when I learned Reiki and other energy transmission methods (the early 1990s) was that it occurred several years after I left the office world.  I would sometimes think about how useful these abilities would have been in my office career in the 1970s and 80s, first as a computer programmer and analyst, and then later as a manager of information technology departments.  I felt that the energies could have been helpful for my welfare and that of my co-workers, as well as for the departments we served within our own company.  Also, they would have helped towards the harmony of the design and implementation processes of our projects.  I feel this would have especialy been true in terms of the interaction amongst all those invovled in these endeavours. 

And too, simply setting energy spaces in the office might have helped individuals get through the challenges of each day's activities, and thus improve each person's mind set when returning home to their family each evening.  A happy and satisfied employee at home certainly helps to make that person much more content and effective in the workplace. 

But I needn't have been concerned about how well these ideas of energy on the work place would work.  I had already discovered that somehow Spirit would eventually bring some kind of validation to me on the effectiveness of such things, often in the form of feedback from my own students or family.  And in the area of "Reiki in the Office," this was to be the case as well.

Affecting a Company Meeting

As an example, a friend and former Rosicrucian lodge master took Reiki training with me in 1997-98.  He was a computer specialist I had worked with for a few years.  I had lost touch with him when he moved out of the country, but on his return several years later he discovered I was teaching Reiki and was quite keen to learn about this.  At the same time of his training with me, he had recently begun work in a local company, charged with the task of leading a group of professionals responsible within a computer department for software upgrades and corrections for the various corporate departments they served.

His role required that he have frequent group meetings with representatives of all company departments that used the computer services, in order to prioritize which department his staff would be servicing in the coming weeks and months.  However, he said every meeting was like a battle zone with very few people getting along, each demanding that his or her own upgrades were the priority.  Everyone wanted my friend's staff for their own needs, often ignoring those of the other departments.  My friend said he felt like he was being targeted personally and pulled apart at each meeting.  He felt very exhausted after each meeting and so finally he asked me for help. 

When he shared this challenge with me I was quite surprised at his reaction to the experieinces.  I asked him if he had thought of making use of techniques and concepts he had learned during his days as a lodge master, or even more recently, some of the ideas I had shared with him in his Reiki training.  I think the pressure of this work situation had simply clouded his mind a bit, so I suggested he at least think about and make use of his Reiki abilities, plus any other past teachings that came to mind. Personally I had faith in his abilities - I knew him to be a very powerful indiviudal - and thought he just needed a nudge in the right direction.  Also, I was curious to see what the outcome of all this would be.

First I suggested he would most likely be too distracted to focus on any supportive idea during the actual meetings for him to try to implement somthing at that time.  So I suggested instead he at least send healing energies to the meeting room each time, but in advance of each meeting.  I assumed he could be more calm and thoughtful about it at that time.  I suggested he additionally empower the room, either in-person or via distant means, by putting invisible Reiki symbols on the walls with the intention that people work together in harmony (and any other purpose he felt needed.)  He could also "target" key people in advance by using the Light Technique I teach, sending Light to their work area, even their home.  (Note: another possible approach is using the "Bridge of Light" technique as well.)

My friend decided to try this approach.  In fact, I felt he would try anything at this point. smiley

Not knowing when his next meeting was, the problem soon left my mind.  Then, one day I got a phone call from him during the day.  He said he had just come out of the latest meeting with the department representatives.  He was very excited and said the meeting was the best one they ever had with him.  He said that everyone got along for the first time and it was very productive.  My friend was bursting with enthusiasm.  He decided he would take this concept into other areas of his daily work.  I felt very relieved it had worked for him, but I also realised I had finally gotten the feedback I had yearned for in terms of how Reiki might have been helpful in my former office career.

Affecting A Workspace

Another example of Reiki in the workplace occured when I was teaching a local office worker.  During class she talked about how her day at work could be very challenging and frustrating.  It was not so much the workload itself, but more so due to attitudes and actions of her co-workers.  Her position was that of administrative support for the principle manager of the organization.  She had a work space in a cubicle near his office.  Other employees seemed to approach her with requests, but in what felt like a hostile manner to her.  She describe these confontations as being as if they would stamp their feet and she would jump, as if being startled.  She meant that they seemed very effective at "pushing her buttons," meaning they could easily surprise her and upset her with their antics.

So I shared with her the same
Light Technique I mentioned above, but in a slightly different manner.  First I had her close her eyes and imagine the most beautiful Light in the universe, and that she sould call it to her.  (If she wished, she could add Reiki energy into this as well.)  I explained that in doing so, this Light would immediately come to her and fill her and her aura, doing so just as quickly and completely as turning on a light in a dark room fills that room.  Then I told her to think of her office space or cubicle where she worked, and to send this Light from her heart centre intending to create a permanent source of Light above her office space.  I asked her to intend that this Light continually shine down upon her and her space, and intend that it would affect anyone who approached it or came into it.  I told her she could also intend that it shower the space with harmony, with understanding, respect, tolerance, patience, compassion, etc. - anything like that. 

Then I had her open her eyes.  I suggested she forget about this for now and then when she went to work the following week that she should simply take note of anything different regarding her co-workers' actions. 

As before, I simply let this concern slip my mind, trusting that my student would have already found the changes she needed in her work life.  She did call me later in the week and said that her co-workers were now greatly surprised that they could no longer upset her as they had been able to before.   So with that success in hand, I then suggested she try using the Light Technique in some of the other ways presented in the article.  At our next class meeting, she did indeed have more positive experiences at work and at home to share with me.

While Reiki can be used in either of these situations, just working with pure higher Light can be be very effective as well.  The only limitation is your own imagination as to how it can be used.


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