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Threshold Anecdote - Pet and Their Transitions


Last Updated: June 3 , 2014
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This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base. 
While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

I know many of you have pets, and will often use your energy skills on them to help them get through their day, or just because you love them.

Years ago my clairvoyant friend Joanne told me about her first remembered experience of seeing spirit.  At age 4 she had been sitting on her front porch when the family cat came out to lie down beside her.  Then Joanne saw the cat get up out it's body and proceed to wander around the yard.  Joanne thought this was extremely delightful.  But in the end, the cat didn't return to it's body, and this surprised her.   Looking bakc she realised the cat had died right then. 

When Joanne comes to visit us, she sometimes notices our previously living cats wandering around the house or the property in their spirit form (we certainly had a lot of cats at any given time.)  One of my daughters as a child seemed to romp around the yard on all fours with these, even when none of our visible cats (to me) were in sight.

If you are a pet owner and have experienced these loved ones leaving you, I know it can be a very emotional experience.  You might wonder how they were doing, if they were still around.  I think they are.

In the fall of 2012, a very large, very beautiful,  shaggy, 15 year old German Shepherd (with wings on her paws) named Mooky whom we had come to know and love, left us.  She was one of Nadya's sister's 2 recue dogs (Max is the other), and our daughter's dog (Kane) was currently staying with them.  The dogs co-existed with 2 cats (a very loving tabby named Fifi, and sociable black Fabio) and 2 budgies, on a small farm property.

Mookie and Kane Like most pets, Mooky had a very unique way about here, even to the way she would drink water by scooping it out of the bowl (and getting it all over the place.)  And when I would throw sticks or balls for the dogs to chase after, Mooky would grab the largest stick she could hold onto and just parade around with that without chasing for more - although sometimes she had 2 or 3 in her mouth, or a ball AND a stick.  The boys (the other 2 dogs) knew enough not to try to take these away from her, and I had to make sure I had more sticks for them. 

Mooky was definitely queen of her domain.  Every morning when she was let outside, she would begin to run around the complete perimeter of the farm, checking to see all was safe and secure.  You could see the path she had warn out as she did this each day.

On one Saturday evening Mooky suddenly decided to pass over, but in a way that would most likely leave a mark on her owner forever.  If Nadya's sister ever had any doubts about an after-life for pets, her other dog Max certainly eliminated that (note that Max never resists an offer to sleep in her bedroom or on the bed).  Here's what Nadya's sister wrote us on the Sunday morning:
"Last night about 6:30 Mooky decided she didn't want to go outside with the boys.  She stayed in the kitchen on her blanket and was very quiet - at about 9:00 pm she had a few seizures and Colin and I stayed with her talking to her, stroking her until around midnight.  She lay in the kitchen and Max lay beside her and wouldn't come into the bedroom, Fifi sat on the chair right next to her and Kane lay next to her.  At about 1;00 am Max came into the bedroom and Mooky came down the hall and lay at the door and had her last few breaths.  When she stopped breathing Max walked to the doorway and his tail was wagging like mad as he looked toward Mooky and then he went and lay down by the bed."
Obviously Max was relieved that Mooky was no longer in pain and was finally back doing her usual routine.  Mind you, in her more original spirit form. 

They left Mooky there for the night and in the morning they found Fifi sleeping curled up against Mooky's chest.   Nadya suggested with some humor that perhaps Fifi was just doing her job  (i.e. old Egyptian job description) as Guardian of the Underworld and Guardian of Mooky for the Transition.

So while you may sorely miss those loving friends of yours (no matter their size or shape), know that they are most likely still around you to this day.  (One is probably on my keyboard as I type).  So feel free to talk to then like you used to, and appreciate the love they still radiate towards you.  


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