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Threshold Anecdote - Source of my Reiki 3 Symbol Energy

Last Updated: June 4, 2013
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- Threshold Reiki Anecdote -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base.  While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work. 

This is a past experience I had previously only shared in my Reiki 3 class.

On May 3, 1997, I was teaching a Reiki 3 class to 2 ladies who were very sensitive to energy and spirit guides.  One of these ladies, Dawne, had a special condition which caused her to need to stop and check (within) any new information I might share before accepting it.  Also, she had the ability to integrate new energies right on the spot, without the usual days, weeks or months time period.  When I attuned her, she felt the need to perform the integration process I use of lifting the occipital ridge "correctly" on herself (I learend this as part of the Tera-Mai Reiki attunement technique).  I couldn't really argue with her as she had managed to heal herself enough to walk again the previous December, after spending 12 years in a wheel chair, and having been given up on by doctors.

After I completed the attunements, I asked her to demonstrate on me the way she felt the occipital ridge lift should be done. I knelt down in front of her and as she performed her "improved version" she immediately received a message from a spirit guide who said there was an additional spot that could be lifted as well.  Dawne was guided to apply a slight pressure and lift to a place just above the occipital ridge as well (the next "ridge" up).  She tried this on herself and said that it indeed seemed to be much more effective.  (I have since learned that your intention to have the energy integrated in the best time frame for the student, is all that is required. And of course this is what occurs in a distant attunement). 

The spirit guide then told Dawne to ask me if he could transmit an energy to me.  I agreed and all 3 of us received the energy, which felt quite strong.  When I later asked her if she knew the guide, she said it was "Usuzi". I laughed and said "Do you mean Usui?" and she replied "Yes".  I was pretty amazed that Usui-sensei would honour us with this.

I then proceeded with the class, and as I began to teach the Empowerment (aka "master") or 4th traditional Reiki symbol, Dawne said that the energy in the attunement had been an upgrade or enhancement from Usui for that symbol.  And indeed, as I worked with it, it now felt much stronger.  

Later in the day, Dawne and her friend Karen showed me some techniques they knew, including how to focus on an energy 100% (not 99.9 <smile>), and perform a task to 100% completion.  Some of these came from what they said were Geotran techniques and as I practiced, they would let me know if I wasn't completely effective.  This was hard work <smile>.  When I had done this to their satisfaction, Dawne said that Usui-sensei (my term for him, not hers) wanted me to integrate the energy he had given us into all of my work.  I proceeded to do this as they had taught me, while Dawne and Karen checked my progress.  I assumed that the energy would simply go into my Reiki manuals.

At the end of the class, when I handed out their certificates, they both smiled and said the energy was already in the certificates. Later as I talked to Reiki friends and students, locally and overseas (those whom I had attuned before), many agreed that at the time I performed the integration, they had received a very powerful energy.  Of course, there were also those I talked to who did not experience anything unusual at that time. 

Since that time, I have found the energy of the Empowerment symbol to have a stronger "feel" to it when I draw it.   In December 1998 Arjava Petter called me from Japan to share an "Usui" energy he had received using a technique he had been experimenting with.  At first he didn't tell me anything about the energy but I felt it had the same "feel" as the Empowerment energy I had received in that class.  Arjava then explained what the energy was and his source. It was the large phot he was given of Usui-sensei stadning in the Ogawa family yard (you can find this in 2 of Arjava's early Reiki books)   It seems Usui-sensei is finding ways to integrate changes even though he is no longer physically present.

In the following years it seems like Usui would lead me to discover much old information about himself and and the origns of his teachings and of Reiki.  Even at the time of this upgrade this still continues, often through one of my teachers, Dave King, but also thorugh othes as well.   And I continue to work with and develop the Empowerment energy within me.


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