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Threshold Anecdote - The Unified Chakra

Last Updated: October 20, 2018
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- Threshold Reiki Anecdote -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base.  While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

What is Light Body?From the book What Is Lightbody? By Tashira Tachyren  www.alchemicalmage.com/

“The Unified Chakra is the base technique of Angelic Outreach. It supports your mutation at every level. The Unified Chakra creates a bubble of Light that allows you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies, and acts like a force field. It helps screen out other people's pictures of reality. Most of you walk around in other peoples' energies because your bodies are separated. The main thing for Lightworkers is to get in your bodies and figure out what your energy is. 

“The Unified Chakra is the best way that we know of to assist you to follow your Spirit with every breath and every step. We suggest that you do the Unified chakra every single time that you notice that you are in the past or the future. At first that will seem like an incredible task, but if you will do it with discipline, you will find that within two weeks you will unify instantly. By the end of four to five weeks, you won't step out of the merge. Unlike a lot of meditations, you do not leave your body; you stay conscious. It is an altered state, but it is one that you can live in.”

Comments from Richard:

Some time during 1996 I found the book "What is Light Body? lying around our house.  Nadya had obviously purchased it earlier and she might even have left it in a place where I would notice. smile  I began to read it and found the book quite interesting as it attempts to explain why and how we can react to the energy and earth changes we experience as we evolve during these times.  It has become one of my favourite New age books, as I go back to it time and time again.

In the back of the book are a number of invocations and meditations, including the longer one titled "Unified Chakra."  (it's no longer available at the Alchemical Mage's web site but it still is at Amazon,com.
)  After reading the above comments in the book I was intrigued and began to try the meditation out.

I used this meditation in private quite often, and also read it for the opening meditation at my Reiki gatherings at that time.  It just felt like the right thing to do and I could almost feel the Light working through me at times.  I don't think I was really expecting much to happen.  Then, one evening in the spring of 1997 I was holding an Awakening Light Body gathering at our place and was surprised to have my Reiki friend Don show up.  He was back in town for a short time and he had been at some of those Reiki shares where I used the meditation.  When we were finished our work and everyone was having some tea and cookies and chatting, I asked if anyone was interested in helping me give a free Reiki session in the morning.  I had volunteered to do this for the person who had won the free draw at our recent Wellness Fair booth.  Don immediately volunteered as did my friend Michelle.   Then right away I had a phone call from another good Reiki friend, Joanne, who had also just come into town.  She said she'd love to join us in the morning as well.

The next morning when I awoke I was experiencing a powerful sensation in my chest that actually scared me. My chest was actually feeling extremely cold. I tried to stop it and although it did for a while, it soon started up again.  My Guides assured me it was the Unified Chakra completion but I was not so sure of this. (it can be easy to be skeptical when in a sense of panic.)    As I drove to meet my friends, I decided to pick up Joanne first since she is also a life long clairvoyant.   When I arrived Joanne said she could see a solid bar of brilliant white Light (about 18 inches by 2 inches) in my chest.  She said it was slowly expanding in all directions.  When we met with my other friends, they too found that my chest felt ice cold to them. We were all quite mystified. 

After the Reiki session and throughout the day I could feel it growing and Joanne made comments on it as we all walked though the forest by the beach. She also noticed that my chakras, which had previously all gone from the usual wheels to large balls, were now much larger, slightly fainter in colour and even overlapping each other.  And my bodies – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, etc. – seemed to be overlapping each other as well. 

I later understood that one of the purposes of the Unified Chakra is to assist you to pull in far more energy than usual, as it can now spread out among the chakras and bodies rather than just concentrating in one area. 

The coldness I was experiencing seems to be the result of a huge amount of energy being radiated at the time from my heart centre and beyond. Over the years I have felt something like this - at least a coolness - flowing outward from some people, usually in their heart centre. After a time the coldness in me finally settled down, usually to just a cool sensations, although I could sense that a part of my heart centre was expanding and eventually growing beyond the size of my body.  That sensation became very evident at a Reiki share my friend Warren held a year or so later when other sensitive energy workers noticed this.  That was another amazing experience for me as well.

There seems no end to the shifts and changes that we can under go as we continue on a Light Worker's path.

(The meditation is no longer at Alchemical Mage's web site.
Click Here for more info.)

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