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Origin of Threshold Reiki

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Last Updated: July 10, 2014
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When I first began teaching Reiki, I thought it was all the same energy, that every Reiki was the same.  Then during the weekend of my first  Reiki 3 / Reiki Master class, one of my students went to a Reiki share where Takata master Barbara Brown was present.  Barbara told my student that everyone's Reiki there seemed very weak, except for his.  This made me curious about Reiki - didn't everyone get the same thing, and the same strength? 

A few months later (in 1995)  I learned Tera-MaiTM Reiki from it's founder.  I had been using Reiki for two and a half years, yet this Reiki energy felt very different and very strong for me.  In fact, after I gave a Reiki Master friend all 3 levels of attunements, I found I could hardly function for a few hours.   I now understand why.  It reminds me of the time I thought I could handle eating a large chunk of wasabi.  It took a bit of practice over months to let my body integrate this. 
Anyway, it seems that the Tera-Mai ReikiTM founder had told some of her students that she did not want her Reiki energy mixed with other Reiki. She said they could not receive or give attunements to any other Reiki if they wished to use the Tera-Mai ReikiTM name.  She felt this would diminish the Tera-Mai ReikiTM energy.  I did not learn of this restriction until 2000 when she got onto the internet and began to approach anyone she thought was teaching her system.  

In my Reiki 1, 2 and 3 classes I always used theTera-Mai ReikiTM energy and attunements.  It was easy for me to focus on this energy because at the time it had such a different feel for me - a very strong electrical current right in my bones.  (I now believe this is partly due to the Seichim energy she had experienced at one time.)  Then in 1997, my guide Cypress passed her complete energy to me (see my page on My Symbols Experience).  Several months later, my guide Chrystal did the same with her energy.  They (and other guides) began exploring these energies and others, together with my Reiki energy, but only in my master class. This was because Tera-Mai ReikiTM only had 3 levels of training.  I had simply moved the teaching of attunements back into a 4th level, and I felt I was free to teach additional topics and energies there. 

Over the next 3 years this personal Reiki energy was growing and developing within me - the vibrations seeming to reach higher, stronger, deeper.  I realised similar things had happened to other Reiki Masters who founded their own systems - Tera-Mai ReikiTM, Karuna Reiki, Raku Kei, Gendai Reiki, etc.  In my case, the guides said it had to do with bringing the Reiki energy to the point where it assisted a person's spiritual development towards their life path and life work - it was like an Ascension energy. 

Then in 2000, the Tera-Mai ReikiTM founder got on the internet and finally told me about her rule.  I tried to reason with her as she had already proven that my Tera-Mai ReikiTM energy was exactly as hers was, even though I was also using other Reiki energies.  (This had occurred in the UK when she tried to test the Reiki energy of one of my students in the UK, and discovered they were the same.)  After several non-productive exchanges of emails  I finally got the inner message - her higher self was telling me that it was time for me to break away, to form my own system of Reiki (much as she had).  So in my mind I thanked her and sent her Light and Love. 

I discovered that my guides wanted to now use my own ugraded Reiki energy in all my class levels. I realised I could no longer call this Tera-MaiTM Reiki as the energy was now different, so I just changed the name of the classes to Threshold Reiki. (Threshold - meaning the place or point of beginning; the outset, where there is potential for change, development, choices, improvement, entry.) 

Since that time, my guides have continued to expand and develop the Threshold Reiki energy.  Originally I offered re-attunements to my previous students.  Then my first student after the change was a distant Reiki 3 student in South Africa who found that his energy suddenly went ice cold after my attunement. This really worried him (and me) but eventually after a few weeks it settled down and it would go hot or cold.  This must have been the updated Sea Breeze energy effect.  This happened to other students and once when I mentioned this on a certain Reiki list, two other masters said their Reiki was doing that as well.  A few years later I discovered that in Qigong, students learn to apply hot chi as well as cold chi or energy; the cold chi is used to help move deeper blocks to allow the hot chi to get access to the area.  Eventually I did come across an easy way for the student to regain only warmth in their Reiki - I just told them to focus firmly on using their previous Reiki when they wished this effect.  Otherwise, the Threshold Reiki would flow as it was needed, whether it felt hot or cold.

Looking back I began to realise that what happened to me was identical to what others like Milner, Rand, Robertson, etc. had experienced with their forms of Reiki - most like being affected by their guides as well. 

Threshold Reiki Lineage

This is a good place to mention about the Reiki lineage of my system as this topic tends to confuse some.  In Western Reiki, lineage is defined by the teacher to teacher level.  That is, you note as your lineage the person or persons who taught you the master level of the style of Reiki you are passing on.  This does not always mean the type of Reiki energy, though.  

We do not use energy lineage like some schools in Japan (notably Komyo, Gendai and Vortex Reiki.)  Usually those that do this have spent years or repeated classes and meetings in the presence of their teacher, and have received many re-attunements.  They may not have received permission to teach from this particular master but they have received a great amount of training from him and thus share this as well as the precise energy of the teacher.  

Some styles of Reiki require you use your teacher's exact notes and exact Reiki energy.  You cannot include the teacher in your lineage if you are sharing some of their material (or energy) in another system of teaching.  So for example, in Threshold Reiki I can only certify with my Western lineage coming through Gilberg and through Milner.   I cannot certify through Doi unless a student takes his Gendai Reiki Shihan training from me.  The same thing applies for Dave King's TJR and other training, for Hyakuten Inamoto's Komyo Reiki, and for the SSR system.  Each of those systems comes with specific energies, and specific training.  The TJR system also requires permisson to teach.

Of course, this doesn't always please everyone.  One of my Russian students living in America refused to accept this and placed King's name in her lineage because I shared this energy with her.  Perhaps she simply is trying to present her Reiki as being more important or powerful.  However she has never had the TJR training from me. 

In any case she, like many other Reiki Masters, really are unable to reproduce exact energies based on a simple attunement.  It usually takes a lot of time working with the precise energy, as well as many re-attunements to that energy.  So what ends up being shared is a mixture of Reiki energies and personal energies.  I am not saying this is wrong or bad, it is just not an accurate energy transfer.  TJR should include TJR Reiki as well as the complete training.   As it is, I do not have permission from Dave King to teach TJR yet - there are certain qualifications I would have had to add to the work I did with him to obtain this permission. 

So while Threshold Reiki does include many aspects of what I have been taught over the years, the Master-to-Master Lineage is the following: 

Smith/McCumber & Shilke/Ferguson

And for the sake of argument, I suppose I would have to say the energy lineage is actually from Spirit or my guides.  Smile


If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.     I will try to answer them all.

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