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Threshold Notes -- Living the Usui Concepts

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This Note is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

Most likely a part of your Reiki 1 class was the presentation of what used to be called the Usui precepts or principles.  If you had a Japanese style class then they might have been called the Gokai (go-k-eye -- 5 steps).  Those more aware of Usui's original document (the Usui Gainen) have come to know it as his concepts ("gainen" in Japanese) which Usui presented as 3 guidelines to daily living.

Usui GainenThe concepts offer Usui's suggested method to achieve what he considered his "Reiki Ryoho", a guideline towards complete wellness;  or what some have come to interpret as a way towards enlightenment.  Some point to what they think was Usui's own satori or profound spiritual awakening in 1914 as an example of this.  Yet Usui waited at least 7 years to put these down in writing onto a kakjiku or wall hanging.  Perhaps it was these words, previously written by others, that he felt best suited what he was trying to get across to the average Japanese lay person of his time.

It is surprising then to discover that some teachers seem to ignore these suggestions and fall into the pitfalls of anger, dissatisfaction, worry, concern, or trying to control their students.  Perhaps this surprises you that there are some Reiki masters who have these traits.  As a sort of justification for such actions, I suppose it may just be the result of "Reiki in action;"   Reiki energy working to bring the qualities of a person into balance, not just the physical but the emotional, mental and spiritual traits as well. 
Rather than encouraging students to learn a healing methods, something he had acquired through years of spiritual pursuits, instead he taught people to try to be mindful of their actions throughout the day.
怒るな 心配すな
Simply put, he taught to observe moments when you were in a sudden state of anger or worry.  As you developed his style of being mindful or aware of events or things, from each moment to each moment, then in such situations you simply chose in the next moment to be not in a state of anger, or to be not in a state of worry.  Obviously this was something that required practice for most (including me), but if taught to children at a young age, perhaps might be more easily integrated into their lives.
感謝して  業をはげめ
He also tried to make you aware of what you were grateful for in your life, and to pay special attention (be mindful) to those moments of appreciation.  This might cause you to look for such experiences more and more in your life, thus making gratitude a natural way for you.  Modern day teachings on the "Law of Attraction" suggest that this kind of practice tends to draw more and more positive moments and experiences like this into your life.  Usui seems to have been ahead of his time in this area. 
Finally, Usui suggested you pay attention as to how you interact with others, and especially to how you thought of and treated yourself.  Demonstrating understanding and compassion towards yourself and others, as well as appreciating it when received from others, adds this daily habit to your "Law of Attraction" as well.  You may not always agree with what others are doing or saying, but if you try to understand things from their point of view or experience, then you might at least feel some compassion for those who normally you would not. 

In all of these cases, since we do have Reiki training and ability, or at least have come to learn the idea of working with Light, we can certainly send these energies or feelings to each situation and person involved in order to try to help improve the natural balance in each others' lives.
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Richard (Rick) Rivard

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