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Threshold Notes -- The Reiki Attunement-Part 2

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This article is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you. I mentioned in Part 1, when most students come to me for master level training, especially if they are new to my Reiki classes, they usually are very keen on anything to do with the Reiki attunement.  In the distant class most will jump right away past the class checklist to the section on attunements, especially the sample videos I have (even though they are pretty old productions from 2001.)  So this particular topic includes some thoughts I have shared on this very important part of the class.
(Please see Part 1 for more on this introduction, plus the topics
1 – attunement intention;  and 2 – potential energy experience.)

  1. An integration process of some kind will most likely occur - it may be mild, or strong; it may last moments, or days, months, weeks.  Much of this depends on

    1. the recipients abiity to handle and hold this energy
    2. how close the energy is to whatever the student may have already experienced
    3. how experienced a student is with other energy work
    By "integration" I am referring to how your body and various layers of your aura (etheric, emotional, mental, etc.) react to the energies of the attunement. 

    In a master class, when practicing on other students, at the least you can be assured they have already experienced Reiki attunements, including whatever style of Reik energy the class teacher has shared with the class.  So the integration process may not be apparent right away.  However due to the repetition of giving and receiving attunements during practice time in class, there may be a post class integration experience.

    However in a Reiki 1 class, many students may have little experience with higher vibrational energies like Reiki.  Here are some situations you may come across when teaching Reiki.
3.a above means that not everyone will have the same tolerance for a new energy, or even a repeated one from a re-attunement.  I noticed this very early on in my teaching career just by observing students during and after attunement ceremonies.  I usually walk students through a relaxation process and follow with a kind of simple meditation/visualization experience. The idea here is to distract the student to release his or her concerns of the current moment and get them to just relax and enjoy the attunement ceremony. 

Depending on the number of students, there can be a lot of energy flowing throughout the room, affecting everyone, including me.   As I move from student to student performing the attunement ceremony I might notice a lack of response with some, or even an alertness with others.  Some are simply flowing with the energies in their own meditative space while others may be trying to watch (with eyes closed) or determine what is happening, step by step; still others may simply be so relaxed they are in an awake/sleep border state.  Then after the ceremony, I let the students stay in their energy space, enjoying and exploring the enegies as they wish.  They may take as long as they wish to do this and so I caution those who come out of the meditation sooner, to do so quietly.  Some are very quick to revive, while I have had some stay more than 10 minutes in this space.

3.b relates to those people who have already experienced a Reiki class, or who may have had training in another healing energy style.  There are now several different healing systems being taught in many places, and some people like to try out a variety of these to either allow for greater choices in their healing work, or to help them improve their own ability to heal or develop their energy potential.  And some people are already natural healers in their own right.  Many of the additions made to Reiki systems have come from other forms of healing.  In fact the original set of techniques taught in the original Japanese Reiki society first came from a 1923 self published booklet on Tui Na that Usui's student Eguchi had purchased in the Tokyo area.

implies that some students may have developed their energy potential just through daily exercise or application of Reiki or other energies.   I think this would apply especially to someone with a healing business or working in a massage or similar type of clinic.  It can also apply to someone who has a counselling service and who is constantly flowing their energy to their clients or healing subjects during sessions.  The daily use of a healing energy over and over can serve to build up the natural energy that a person carries and resonates.
  1. As the giver and setter of the energy space, you always experience the full attunement or reiju, just as the student or recipient does.  In fact your experience may most likely be greater than the other person, since you are the one setting the energy space up and holding it during the attunement, just by the nature of the ceremony you are using.  If you are skeptical of this, most likely independant clairvoyant observation would easily verify this.
The main catalyst for this ability seems to be the acquisition of the energy of the 4th Reiki symbol, what was thought of as "Empowerment" in Usui Sensei's teaching, but came to be known in Western Reiki as the "master" symbol.  Empowerment was a Taoist vibration or inner frequencey that seemed to open a person up to a greater connection to his or her own higher self and beyond.  In my "Reiki Analogies" article I used the example of the Reiki source within us being like an electrical fuse box in a home.  In that example then, Empowerment would be like the transformer on the hydro pole outside that the home is hooked up to.  The transformer is conected to the main power line and acts as a tool to downstep what comes into the home or business depending on the use of electricity.  Empowerment seems to activate as we need it, especially in an attunement or reiju situation, but also during regular healing sessions or other energy work.  It is not limited to just Reiki use.

Thus it is possible to feel very buzzed as you perform the attunement ceremony.  This might be the case if you are using a long ceremony and have several students to attune.  If you are very senstive to energies, that can heighten the effect.  If so, take a moment to ground yourself or drink some water in between some students.  This won't diminish the effects of the ceremony on them and it will help you to continue to the end.  Also, if you have found yourself to be this sensitive, then do practice often in between classes to get more used to so much energy.  You might even ask your Spirit helpers to help cut back on the effects of the energy on you.

To be continued ......
(Read here about Richard, his extensive training, and his classes)

Richard (Rick) Rivard

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.   I will try to answer them all.

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