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Threshold Notes -- Validating Attunement Energies

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This Note is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.
Some people find that during certain attunements they don't seem to sense anything out of the ordinary and they might wonder if anything actually occurred. Or they may feel there has been no change in their ability with this energy.  Years ago I wrote an article titled "Do Distant Attunements Work?"  I was responding to what I felt then was this trend to try to prevent distant attunements in Reiki systems.  It made me wonder how many people resisted distant Reiki treatments back in the early days of Reiki.  They used to be taught in the 3rd level and the idea eventually moved to the 2nd level.  So it seems that acceptance of it grew, just as acceptance of distant attunements now expands.

TR Granted, there are a number of Reiki Masters who don't really know how to give distant attunements or do them well, and so they just half-heartedly send off an attunement in some general direction.  Thus the recipient is bound to report that in person attunements are stronger.  It's much like the way some healers do something similar with their distant healings.  The same challenge can hold true with live, in-person attunements and Reiki sessions.  Just because you are present in the room with the recipient does not mean that he or she is experiencing the greatest potential of what you have to offer in terms of Reiki or other healing energies. Often there is no strong focus or intent, much like a lawn sprinkler in action versus the direct attention given to an individual plant. However, I'm not implying that one way is better than another. A non-focused healing may be what is required at a given time.  Yet there are ways to make an excellent connection with the intended recipient, to hold a strong and true copy of the intended energy to be used, and to retain this focus with an individual during the attunement ceremony or treatment.  I gave some of my ideas on this in my article "Perfecting Reiki Attunements and Reiju."

But let us say that the Reiki Master giving you the attunement has done all this, and thus it has come down to your own ability to receive and integrate as much of this energy presented as possible.  If the energy is new to you, or a new version of Reiki, or perhaps if it is deemed a significant upgrade in energy, it is quite possible that during the attunement or shortly afterwards you will be aware of significant changes or profound experiences, ones that could be easily used to compare with other attunements.  In my own experience I once had an old version of Japanese Reiki actually cause me to lose consciousness for a brief moment, and upon receiving a re-attunement years later it at least made me lose my balance even as I was sitting down.  On another occasion, a Reiki energy felt like it was so concentrated it was burning a hole in my head.  Yet still, another instance left me immobilized for a few minutes. I really couldn't seem to move my body at all.  These kinds of experiences seemed to indicate to me that something definitely had occurred with the Reiki energy provided, something that perhaps I had not experienced with other attunements and energies before. 

Yet, the same energies and attunements applied to others did not have nearly the same effect, if any at all.  There are many reasons why a person might not notice the effects.  However when the recipient doesn't experience anything noticeable, or is uncertain as to whether any energy actually was transferred, awakened, influenced or whatever within them, then some testing of the new energy may be called for. I needed to think about how to assist my own students with this, especially those taking the distant training.  The answer came in form of working with fellow students in the local classes, and with family and friends for the distant student. 

Self healingWhat you can try is to firmly intend to only flow the new or updated Reiki energy (or other) that you want to test.  Then perform a treatment on yourself to get your impressions.  After this, do the same but work with a classmate and get their impressions.  Or better yet, find someone whom you've given treatments before, and using only this energy give them another one and get their feedback.  If giving attunements, do much the same focusing on just the new or revised energy, and then have the recipient give themself a treatment and perhaps even one on you. This should tell you if there is any difference or change to the energies.  Ideally, you would do this with several people.  I have found that some people experience something with one Reiki subject and think that the same results hold true for everyone else.  Not quite a scientific or research approach.  So, happy testing, everyone. smile

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Richard (Rick) Rivard

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