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Threshold Note- We Become The Energy Sources

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This Note is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

Before the availability of Reiki systems outside of Japan, do you remember the first time you could feel the difference between energy objects?  Maybe it was the feel of one crystal versus another, or the effects of an essential oil, or that of a Bach flower remedy?  It might have been the feel of a place or that of a person you know or met.

Psychic Healing Book When I first learned a "psychic healing" technique during a yoga retreat in 1977, students were told to imagine calling on certain colours to flow into them and out into the healing subject.  In each case, we were either reacting to or acting as conduits for what some call Vibrational Energy Medicine.  As I learned about working with crystals, I was taught to use the natural energetic properties of the stones, as well as to flow healing energies through them so as to increase their potency, as we worked with another person or with our own projects and goals.  I learned similar ideas from ``The Psychic Healing Book`` that could be applied in the presence of an earth power spot.  Just as with the crystals and even essential oils, the energies experienced might be enhanced and thus prove to be more effective.

When I discovered Reiki, it was taught in a similar way, although an initiation was involved.  We were told that now we could channel and flow higher healing vibrations from the universe through ourselves and into the recipient, or towards plants, animals, into our food and beverages. Being fairly new to energy work I accepted this explanation from my teacher.  I discovered that some clairvoyants could even see this occurring, although sometimes in different manners.  Some would see the energies coming into the crown, and others might see it coming into the heart centre first. Initially we were taught to use our hands as the means to flow the Reiki energy.  But as I began to teach classes I learned that some students were more comfortable flowing the energies from their heart area or from other parts of the body.  In fact the heart centre seemed a more natural place for me, especially with distant healing work. And with each Reiki system I was taught, I found that there were differences between the Reiki energy being used.  I also found my spirit guides were soon affecting my Reiki, seemingly stretching the range of the vibrations and making it more effective for my clients, students and for me as well. 

So it was that over time I felt as though I was becoming the source of the energies.  It was if I had learned different varieties of music, different songs, and could replay these from memory.  As I worked with each, and even experienced the originals again from time to time, I could get closer to radiating exactly what I had originally received and worked with. 

ChrystalI began thinking how in these times we are now becoming like the crystals, the flower essences, the power spots, the stone henges, all the sources of healing and uplifting energies.  What I mean is that we no longer require to be in these places or to call on or have these tools in our hands in order to experience their energies or to utilize them.  Since we can now more easily take on and store the resonances or imprint of each range of vibrations, they can become quickly accessed tools or sets of energies on hand, just as if they were part of our own music collection.  The more we work with these variations of frequencies, the clearer and stronger they become.

This allows us to then intend to resonate with these and broadcast them outwards to individuals or situations, just like we do with Reiki and other healing energies.   They can be used as individual sets of energies or combined in groups, as with the SSR healing system (Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki.)

kanjiDuring my work with URR Gakkai member Hiroshi Doi, I learned that in the original society the Reiki Masters found that after a time, you would become the Reiki energy.  This seemed to validate my own experiences, and from time to time I would encounter other healers who felt the same.  The difference now was that we no longer felt we were giving up our own personal energy, but rather we were simply re-playing, resonating and radiating the intended energies we had experienced, outwards like some portable music player, as previously recorded these energies and added them to our own internal database of frequencies.

I feel this potential is simply part of our journey back to becoming our Higher Self, but still remaining in this physical world.  For most, it's a gradual integration process.  It is something that we aquire one energy or family of energies at a time.  This makes it much easier to integrate the new vibrations, to allow them to settle in and feel more manageable for us.

In the "Awakening Your Light Body" system ( this type of radiance is part of what the guides Orin and DaBen are teaching us.

In relation to channeling teachings I give in classes, I explain how in these times we are once again returning to our inner energy abilities.  We can now be the symbols, the crystals, the pyramids, the stones, the power spots, etc.   We have the potential to let go of these tools and just use our own abilities.  It is not necessary but by doing so we begin to raise our own frequencies, and thus get that much closer to "ascension" or "enlightenment."

There are many natural healing energies that are taught now.  I think those who have had a natural surge of their own highest ki might create their own systems of healing with these, and they will use methods that are in line with their belief systems.  Many systems uses symbols, techniques, crystals, etc. as a focus for healing.  But I feel in these times that we are now that focus, that as a modern human race we no longer require these methods, that we simply become the energies.  It's like storing all your music inside you and being able to sing any combination of it whenever you wish.   The Crystal Kids and Rainbow Kids are a good example of this - some of the Indigo ones as well.   They know and do this intuitively.  They are awesome to work with and to show them things that others think of as being at a master level or beyond.   I love working with anyone that will have me as more than a teacher, as a resource.


Richard (Rick) Rivard

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.   I will try to answer them all.

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