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Threshold Notes -- Your Life as a Movie

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This blog is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

This is not really a Reiki topic, but one day last year, on my former Reiki student email list, there was a discussion on what the differences were for terms like Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, Mind.   I suppose the interest around this was the need to determine the source of a Reiki energy.  While for me that is a completely different topic, I did end up wading into the discussion.  I think I was mainly prompted to do so when one member wrote "I saw the examples on (the list).  THEY confuse ME!"

I thought back to an analogy on our physical reality that I had read in the late 1970's in the book "The Unknown Reality" by Jane Roberts. (I still am a big fan of her books.)  I soon found myself sharing with my student this Seth idea, something that had grown to become part of some of my Reiki classes.  It was one that my students from the film industry said they could easily relate to.  This is a short version of the concept. Think of your life being like a big movie.  Of course you are the main actor.  You most likely do not realise it but you own your version of the film. So potentially you can make any changes you like, but when you try to do this as the main character, you may be so involved in your role that you forget you have this ability to do so. 

But now, thanks to current trends like "You Create Your Own Reality,"  "Law of Attraction," The Power of Now," "The Art of Allowing" and many other empowering thoughts like this, you are learning that YES you do have this ability.  (Note that these and others appeared in the Seth books, as well as earlier books written by noted authors of the early 1900s.) 

So you begin to remember that YOU are a very talented actor.  You are not only the main character in your personal life long movie, but you are also the Director of the movie.  (In modern film, more and more famous actors are doing this - like Jodi Foster for example. )

You are beginning to understand that the director part of you can begin to change the scenes, and how things are happening.  The plot is actually a very fluid one, meaning changes can easily be made by the director and sometimes the actor.  But you are both.

You have main events in your life and main themes that you are trying out, exploring. So you try to stay to the theme of the movie set.  For example, if this were an 1800's movie, you probably wouldn't have cell phones, space ships, computers, etc. 
But in a fantasy movie you could have things like that which do the same thing.  Right?  

So you can manage your movie in very creative ways. 

From a re-incarnational viewpoint, think of your Higher Self for each of your lifetimes as being the Director part of YOU in this lifetime.

royalty-free-clip-art-vector-logo-of-a-movie-director-shouting-through-a-cone-by-patrimonio-6416 Now, YOU are also the Producer of the film.  The producer arranges the financing, approves of the overall direction and plot of the movie, and works with other producers as a sort of talent agent to arrange for the additional characters in the movie.  The producer may have many projects/films happening at one time.  All of them are on different movie sets or locations, some with similar themes, and some using similar actors but in different roles.

So think of your Soul as your Producer.

You as your Soul work to help you get other beings (others like you) to play out parts in your drama.  And of course a part of you plays out roles in other peoples' "movies" to help them out.  Sometimes, your movies are on the same movie set - kind of like how we recognize TV programs that make use of the same movie lot or city for background.  Some actors might then share a scene that shows up in both movies or TV shows.  This is how we co-operate with each other.  We call this "co-creation."

Then there are these large production companies with lots of producers working on larger themes or ideas.  They may involve long running projects or projects involving more actors and directors.  They may work with outsiders as well.  So these would be like your Soul Family, or what might be called your Monad, with groups of souls working on common themes over various lifetimes or eras.

So there is
1. the main actor/actress of the movie -
your own personality or incarnation in this life.
2. the director in this movie - your Higher Self for this lifetime
3. the producer for this movie and many others you are involved in - your Soul which kind of manages (very loosely) all of your lifetimes.
4. the part of the producer that acts as a talent agent to get you involved in other peoples' movies - the part your Soul that works to expand itself by having you co-create with others.
5. The gathering of producers on large scale works - the part of your Soul that belongs to a Monad or Soul family

royalty-free-clip-art-vector-logo-of-a-movie-film-reel-by-lal-perera-8335 Now another part of a movie is all the crew working behind the scenes.  As the main actor you pretend to ignore them;  in fact you can be so involved in your part that you actually do not notice them during your scenes.  Yet these "hidden" participants are there none the less. So these might represent spirit helpers, guides, angels, masters for your own work in this current role.  In between life times, you may be playing such a role to assist others.  And as you begin to notice them in your current lifetime, you might involve them more in your production - assisting you from a "distance."   So maybe you ask for some better lighting or sound for your role- or in this case, you begin to accept information from them that leads you to greater energy, greater Light, the ability to hear them or see them, and much more.

Seth explained that when we sleep, there are sometimes parts of us that play this role, helping others or perhaps just going over to the other "sets to see our other lifetimes. 

All this is just one analogy of our many Spirit roles.

Sharing from the Heart
Richard (Rick) Rivard

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.   I will try to answer them all.

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