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- URRI 1999 - 
A Japanese Reiki Workshop - Vancouver, Canada
HELD August 20-22, 1999

Last Updated: April 10, 2008
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In the summer of 1999, over 60 Reiki Masters from around the world met in Vancouver in a wonderful Reiki sharing.

Japanese Reiki Master, Mr. Hiroshi Doi, came to Vancouver, Canada to share some of his knowledge of original Usui Reiki Ryoho with Reiki Masters in the West.  The workshop was organised by Yukio Miura, Yuko Okamoto, Andy Bowling, Tom Rigler and by host Richard Rivard and held at the Masonic Hall - 1495  8th Avenue.  An additional participant was Myuki Iwasaki from the Tokyo area, also a student of Mr. Doi, but she could not attend as she was getting married Around the time of the conference. 

Mr. Doi and our Japanese friends arrived on the Thursday before the conference and Andy, Tom and Rick met them at their hotel. From there we all went to the conference site and talked about how we would organise the weekend.  Yukio was able to finally complete the translations of Mr. Doi's material and Rick had to rush off to format these into the conference handouts and get them printed.  Rick had the help of his wife Nadya and 3 daughters in binding all the material together into conference manuals. Meanwhile Andy and Tom kept our Japanese guests entertained at lunch and afterwards.

The workshop was preceded by a channeling evening at Rick's house on Thursday, and a Friday morning excursion to the peak of nearby Grouse Mountain where Tom led us all in an energy meditation. 

At the conference, on the Friday evening, the Japanese masters, Yuko and Yukio, also showed videos of the Usui grave site and the Kuramayama mountain sites. With the assistance of Andy and Tom, Rick demonstrated some other Japanese techniques and attunements that he had learned as a result of Traditional Japanese Reiki training with Dave King.  These are techniques sourced back to Dr. Hayashi through his student, the late Mr. Tatsumi.  Afterwards everyone participated in a Reiki exchange.  Meanwhile, in a side room Mr. Doi, Yukio and Yuko Gave Gendai reiju to Rick, Tom and Andy and taught them how to perform this.  It was quite an interesting experience.

Mr. Doi presented the following on the Saturday and Sunday:

  • His method of Gendai Rei-ju – a version of the empowerment process used in the Gakkai Reiki gatherings to increase your energy (most likely also their attunement process). Note: this i snot his attunement process used in his Gendai reiki classes. 
  • He gave Gendai Rei-ju to each attendee at least once during the weekend, plus the 5 organisers gave additional Rei-ju to each attendee, so that everyone received at least 6 times.
  • The cleansing and meditation process known as “Hatsurei ho”, including Kihon Shisei (standard posture), Mokunen (Focusing), Kenyoku (Dry bathing or Brushing off), Connect to Reiki, Joshin Koku ho (Cleansing Breathing), Gassho, Seishin Toitsu (Concentration – while receiving of Rei-ju), Mokunen.
  • Seiheki Chirou ho (Natural habits healing technique)
  • Enkaku Chirou ho (Distant healing technique) 
  • Tanden Chiryo ho (Tanden healing technique)
  • Koki ho and Gyoshi ho (Healing thru breathing and staring)
  • Heso Chiryouho (Navel healing technique)
  • Keteuki Kokan ho (Blood cleansing technique)
  • Hanshin Koketsu ho (Half body blood cleansing)
  • Zenshin Koketsu so (Full body blood cleansing)
  • Original Usui hand Positions
  • Mr. Doi’s own meditation technique
  • Mr. Doi’s knowledge of the history of Reiki
  • Mr. Doi's techniques from his Gendai Reiki school in Japan. 
On each day, Mr. Doi, Yuko, Yukio, Rick, Andy and Tom gave Gendai Reiju to half of the group, so that at the end, everyone had received this several times and at least once from Mr. Doi.  On Sunday Takata master level student Wanja Twan stopped by and Rick was able to intorduce her to Mr. Doi and several other noted Reiki masters.

Conference Handouts included:

  • Gendai Reiki Textbook edited from a portion of the original Gendai Reiki textbooks used in Doi-sensei's Reiki classes (levels 1-3). Yukio provided the translations for this and Rick finalized the mateiual for the conference workbook.
  • Traditional Reiki techniques (above) - instructions for performing all of the techniques explained in the workshop. Again Yukio provided the translation and Rick formatted thsi into the workbook. 
  • A translated copy of Mr. Doi’s book called “Iyashi no Gendai Reikiho” or “Modern Reiki Method for healing”. We had a good part of the book already translated by Yukio plus soem fro a Japanese freind of Andy's in Egnland.  Rick paid to have the remainder of the book translated by 2 local Japanese ladies.  He then formatted the book, edited it alsong with Andy and Tom, and then added it into the conference material. This was (to our knowldge) the first transltion of a Japanese Reiki book into English.
  • A translated copy of Mikao Usui”s Reiki booklet – “Usui Reiki Hikkei”.  Rick worked with his Japanese master level student Emiko Arai to translate this.  The result was also added to teh conference material.
During the workshop we were able to try out all the techniques on each other, under the supervision of Mr. Doi and his students.  Mr. Doi entertained many questions about Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and the history of Reiki and Mikao Usui.  Many revealing things were shared.

And of course the workshop was an excellent opportunity to meet with other masters and share experiences and energies.  Many attunements were shared between participants, including several styles of Reiki. Everyone was given a certificate of attendance (although this was not a master level certificate) signed by Mr. Doi.

The following Monday morning saw an energy sharing event as several workshop participants walked a labyrnith in St. Pauls' church.  Several of teh conference participants stayed at rick's house or at the Bed and Breakfast across the street. It made for some very late evenings of discussions.

Many of the participants continue to share and discuss information arising from the workshop on a onelist.com list group called URRI, set up and managed by Tom.

If you have comments or suggestions, contact me.  I will try to answer them all.

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