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Reiki Training Course Outlines

Sample Threshold Reiki First Degree Class

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Last Updated: August 7, 2019
This is a sample of my Reiki First Degree Class pages (which are continually being updated.)  It is presented here for those who have received, or who have scheduled to receive, a Reiki One distant attunement, and wish to discover what their training might include, or are looking for additional information.  However, only some of the links to topics are activated

My own classes include a 200+ page reference manual to help you remember points mentioned in class and to give some additional food for thought.  The manual is the same as the content of my Reiki 1 class pages. I have included access to a portion of this manual here for those who wish to print it rather than read from the web pages.

While a Distant Class can not easily replace the experience of a live class, it can be an option for those who are unable to attend one or who cannot afford one.  I have found that the distant attunement can be as powerful and successful as a live one, even if received from a web page.  However, not all are equal so you might have to hunt around.  If you are just curious, there are many ways to receive a distant energy attunement, and one is example is at this page.  It may give you an idea of what a Reiki attunement can feel like. This sample distant class does include an attunement to the Threshold Reiki energy, but not to  your own Highest Ki.  That is offered only in my paid classes.  Both energies are discussed in this class.

H = includes printable Handout to download.

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Class topics

The following sections assume that you now have experienced the energies of the first Threshold Reiki attunement. (i.e. Threshold Reiki and Highest Ki) At this point in the class you would now have more than the necessary tools and  experience to carry out Reiki on yourself and others each day.

Summary pages

  • Self Treatment - summary
  • Treating Another Person - Summary

Topics From The Reiki Threshold (optional)

Topics From the International Center For Reiki Training  "Reiki News" (optional) 
(at www.reiki.org)

Additional Reading (optional)

  • Reiki Session Guidelines
  • Finishing a Reiki Session
  • Client Release/Information Form
  • Cleanse / Integration Process
  • The Body's Aura and Chakras 
  • CHAKRA Awareness Guide
  • Removing Energy Blocks
  • Reiki and Crystals
  • Kanji for "Reiki"
  • Hibiki Sensations Felt During Scanning

    Post Class Assistance
  • Weekly Reiju (attunement) 

  • After class is over, you can continue to receive a weekly or periodic boost of a Reiki attunement by going to one of the pages below and sitting quietly  for a couple of minutes. These are the same attunements given in class.
    (Note, the re-attunements only help you if you have been making daily use of your Reiki.)

    (The following isOT included in this free class)

    - Highest Ki boost
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