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A Personal Symbol of Jeff Johnson RM

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Date Last  Changed: June 30, 2014
We use symbols to form powerful links to the universe of energy. Symbols allow us to access and utilize many different energies, each with a specific function or action.

About one year after I was given the above symbol, I connected with it's source to discover that the energy associated with Auminaht flows from a vast, ancient, wise and loving source quite 'distant" from the reality of our daily existence. In simple terms and with many smiles, the intent of this source is simply to assist in bringing a little more love to our part of the galaxy. The above symbol will connect with an energy of alignment and harmony from that source.

The action of this symbol infuses energy downwards from above the head and into the heart center. This energy travels downward in concentric circles in the shape roughly as shown in the first drawing. To me, the energy seems pigmented, powdery and greenish, with a background hue of indigo.


The symbol is best used after body/energy work sessions when vibrations are at their highest and fields are most flowing and ready to accept this gift. This symbol does much to align the mental capacity with the heart center. It takes mental energy, in a way, and pushes it out through the heart center into the world. It focuses on integration of the path of the mind with the love of the heart. It brings thoughts and dreams "in time" into the present to be pushed out and actualized In the moment.

I am cautioned to use this symbol only with those who walk consciously on their path (use your intuition on this one). In others it may bring into focus an experience opposite from that which is consciously desired. This symbol is especially strong and useful for those who speak out, and those who bring their ideas of the mind into the world.

There is no specific effect on Reiki energy, although it works well in conjunction with Reiki.