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Threshold Reiki Distant Training
Distant Training at Home - What it is and How it Works

Offering Reiki training since 1994 -  Distant/Home based classes since 1997

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Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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Due to the pandemic I am no longer teaching in person classes.

Past students should check with the
Class Pages for information on discounts.

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Are you having difficulty finding a Reiki teacher in your area, someone who resonates with you or offers the type or style of training you are looking for?  Are having trouble finding the time to attend a live class, or do you simply prefer to study in the privacy of your own home?

If you find yourself agreeing to any of these questions, then perhaps a distant / internet correspondence class is would work for you. 

In my experience it is best if you take initial training for Reiki Level 1 in a live class.  This allows you the best opportunity for hands-on experience, feedback, and answers to your questions.

However, if you are unable to locate an instructor in your area, and cannot encourage one to come to you (or vice versa), then distant training is a good substitute.

In the Distant classes I offer I have had years of experience (since 1997) of working to satisfy the needs of my correspondence students.  I prepare my manuals in great detail with photos and graphics, and I actually spend more time handling students' questions than in a live class. 

For those concerned about receiving the Reiki energies, in my experience all my distant attunements (and those of my students) DO connect you to the Reiki energies, just as in a live attunement (I have given hundreds of distant attunements). I have verified this process many times with clairvoyant and energy sensitive subjects, including Japanese Masters of the old Reiki society (the Gakkai), who give these as well. See my page on Do Distant Reiki Attunements Work?   In fact I learned that one of Usui Sensei's students gave distant transmissions (attunements) as recently as October 2002 at the age of 103. 

However, not all distant attunements are alike.  Not all Reiki Masters can transmit the Reiki energy at the strength they have received it until they have worked with it for some time. And some may not have had adequate training in how to transmit an attunement energy exactly as received.  As above, I used clairvoyant students to help me measure my ability in this.  Also, like several other well known Reiki systems, my Threshold Reiki is a personal style of Reiki that is constantly being enhanced. I keep my students up-to-date on this so they can grow energy-wise along side of me.

I suggest, if it is at all possible, that Reiki 1 distant training should be done with a family member or friend, so you can receive, as well as give, a Reiki session.  

If you are repeating a level, you most likely already have the basic understanding of your current and previous levels, and internet training can well serve to enhance this, in your own home.

I do teach students ALL levels of Reiki via long distance training. 


PLEASE READ: In a live or in-person class I am able to interact with the student and observe his or her progress, abilities and understanding of the material, and thus react accordingly.  To achieve this in the distant class I provide a class checklist.  This includes the steps to take during the class, plus the required continuous feedback and interaction from the distant student.  If the student does not follow the checklist and thus fails to give me the ongoing required interaction, I cannot certify the student, even if he or she feels they have completed the class.  If you do not intend to follow the checklist please do not bother applying to take a distant class with me.  There is obviously a more suitable teacher elsewhere for you than me.

Here are the steps involved in the distant.  Please read all of them carefully:
  1. there is no need to schedule a distant class; the distant training can begin at any time convenient for you. I usually have several distant students at any one time.

  2. The prospective student contacts me to ask questions about the class. 
    Please carefully
    read  the complete description for the class you are interested in, including the  restrictions, requirements, Class Fees, etc.
    (Class Descriptions and Fees are Here for Threshold Classes and also Here for other Master Classes.) 
    (The Course Fees are next to each class description.)
    Again, please note the Requirements for each class, and ALSO the Restriction Notice.
    You must agree to the Restriction Notice in order to take the class. I will assume you do.
  3. If the student already has Reiki training, please explain a little about this training, who taught you and when.  Please send me a copy of your highest level certificate. (This is not required if you are enrolling in Reiki 1)
  4. If you are new to classes with me, please explain your reasons for wishing to take take a class with me.  This helps me to serve you better throughout the process.
  5. All material is presented in English.  There is a lot of reading and verification required in each class.  Students should have a good understanding of English
  6. Students will need a person nearby (in person) with whom they can practice Reiki on.  In the master/shihan level classes they will need a person nearby (in person) they can practice some attunements/reiju on.

  7. Once we agree on the class occurring, the student sends the course fee to me (see Payment Options section). NOTE: make sure you include your full name and mailing address if you wish me to mail you the class manual, AND if you wish a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

  8. Upon receipt of the course fee, I will assign you access to my internet class pages -- this not only gives you the class material, but it allows you to stay current with any new information I offer in this class.
  10. I also mail you my printed class manual and additional handouts via regular mail.  This material  matches my internet class pages. (NOTE: this does not apply if you select the TREESAVER option).

  11. Please Note: the internet class pages have the exact same content as the printed class manual. (However they are NOT in a pdf format.)  This allows the student to begin the class immediately, and not have to wait for the printed material to arrive.  It also ensures that the student choosing the TREESAVER option will be working with the same class material as the student who orders the manual.
    (Note that some bonus material is not supplied with the
    TREESAVER option.  See the Threshold Reiki Class Description or the Reiki Master Upgrade Class Descriptions for your class.)
  13. We schedule an agreeable date and time (for you) when I can  "send" or project the respective Reiki attunements to you.  I will usually send several of these as continuous re-attunements were the norm in the original style of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai training.  And after the class, you can ask for those you have received from me, whenever you wish.
  15. I guide you in the process by which you read and practice the class content.  This is primarily accomplished via the class checklist.
  17. You agree to give me feedback for each step as you go through the checklist. This is mostly how I am able to determine how well you are doing with the class material and the Reiki energy. I cannot certify a student as having completed a class if he or she has not provided me with ongoing feedback as they went through the checklist.  I also need to know the student has actually done some practice where it is requested (so this is part of your feedback.)
  19. You complete the course agenda at your own pace over a period of up to one month  - there is no rush; although I will often offer encouragement and check in with you. 
    However, if you need to go over the time limit, OR during the class you realise you may not be able to complete the class by the end of the month time limit, you must contact me to explain your situation.  There may be an additional fee for thisClick Here for more details on this.
  21. Note that since the live classes only require 1 or 2 days of study, the distant class can normally be completed within the one month time frame if you wish.
  23. There is continuous interaction between us over the internet so you can ask questions, share experiences, offer comments and suggestions -- this may continue if you wish once the class is complete.

  24. I will send you a certificate of completion when you have finished the training per the class checklist.
  26. You, the student, agree to all of the above in order to complete the class successfully.
I take responsibility for each level I train, and I am available for questions continually on this material.  Any changes or upgrades to my material is available via my Class Pages at your leisure (these pages are also available to my regular students, at no charge).

The fees for Internet training are a little higher than my live class fees due to the cost of mailing material and the extra time the class takes.  Please see my Course Fees section.  For information on each course, please see the Course descriptions .

If you are interested in Internet/Distant training or have more questions, contact me (Richard Rivard).

 If you have comments or suggestions, CONTACT ME.  I will try to answer them all.

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