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This article is from a 1986 issue of The Reiki Journal, a newsletter published by 
The Radiance Technique® (Dr. Barbara Weber Ray's Reiki system)


Last Updated: June 16, 1998
Mieko Mitsui, a certified instructor of the Radiance Technique® who lives in New York City and teaches there and in Japan, has researched more information about Real Reiki® in Japan during trips last year and this. In a trip in 1985, she reported meeting with an elderly man at the home of friends, where Mieko was told of a privately printed book, "Usui Reiki Gakkai", which reportedly talks about "Reiki" and a man named Usui. The book was described as an academic text, published just over a decade ago, by a mathematician at Meiji University in Tokyo. 

Mieko said she was told that Dr. Usui was born in 1865 and died in 1926. She also said that the seven degrees of the Dr. Usui system of Real Reiki® were numbered in reverse in the Japanese tradition - that the Seventh Degree was the first level studied, the equivalent to the First Degree in the U.S. (Mieko explained that this reverse order can be found in other areas of Japanese culture. Addresses on a letter, for example, are often given in the reverse of the form in the U.S. and the western world, with the country listed first, then the district, then city, followed by a person's address. A person's name is given last.) 

Mieko said that the basic philosophy of "Reiki," according to the elderly man she interviewed, "is that the universe is ourselves...the act of carrying Light." Mieko said she was also given a second book on healing sciences by friends in Japan. This book, whose title roughly translates to "The Mastery of Healing with the Hands", mentions numerous philosophies and techniques for healing There are passages about a great healer named Usui, according to Mieko, although the book does not specifically mention "Reiki" and the man called Usui in the book is not identified by a first name. 


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