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Chapter 10: Reiki Techniques and Use

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Last Updated: Dec. 8, 2000
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Modern Reiki Method for Healing
  Modern Reiki Method for Healing
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Here is a condensed translation of Chapter 10: "Reiki Techniques and Use" of Japanese Reiki Master Mr. Hiroshi Doi's 1998 book 'Iyashi no Gendai Reikiho' (Isbn. 4-9006631-34-7c0077) or "Modern Reiki Method for Healing", translated by Yukio Miura, Kyoto, Japan - Mr. Doi has given me permission to print this.

Q. How far advanced do you need to go ?

A. If your intention is to help you and your family or your animals, taking first level is enough. 


1)  Learn healing method and cleansing the energy. 

2)  Learn to increase the power and distant healing.

3)  Learn to change yourself inwardly, spiritually guided by higher vibrations.

4)  Learn the attunement process and teaching method.

Original Usui system was, after receiving 1st level, the pupil had to practice hands-on for a long time and sat the same time work for his own spiritual growth, for many years. 

Also, it was very important to receive many attunements to increase his healing ability. Only then, he was allowed to receive the 2nd level. 

At level 3, the pupil should connect to the higher dimension and always try to receive guidance and teachings from there. In this way, you become at one with the high Reiki vibrations, and it is important to raise your consciousness high. You use 2nd and 3rd level symbols. 

It is not advisable for people to take 3rd level who are only interested in increasing power. 

3rd level should be used for your spiritual awareness and growth.

Q. How do you open your ability to see aura and feel Ki energy ? Is it possible to develop the sense ?

A. It is useful to be a good healer to see the aura and to feel Ki. 

 First step is easy. Anybody can do it. 

  1. Relax the body and mind. Believing that you will see or feel. In fact, you are always seeing aura and feeling Ki, but you are not aware of them.
  2. Hands together, praying style. Connect yourself with the Reiki energy.
  3. You imagine that the energy is emitting from the whole of your body. Rub your hands together until they become hot.
  4. Relax the wrists. Move the hands up and down, left to right, for a minute. Move hands 10cm apart. Feel the energy coming out from the hands. Almost 80% of people should feel some Ki energy in this way. You may feel some tingling or warmth. 
Each person feels differently, when you feel these you gaze at the area without focusing. Move the hands closer then further apart. Keep doing this and gaze at the space between. You can use a white of lighter background. 

See the energy from the hands and fingers in a dimmer light. 

It may not be easy at first, but once you see or feel, you will see or feel more and more by practice.

Q. What sort of techniques were carried out traditionally ? 

A. There are not really secret or mystery techniques. Reiki Marathon or Reiki Circle have passed to the west. 
Most techniques taught in the west are for every student.  In traditional Japanese Reiki many techniques were difficult enough to master if you had not reached a certain level. Therefore only a few chosen Japanese were allowed to learn high level Reiki by Usui Sensei. There are three main areas. 

Byosen Reikan-ho     (see  this page for photos and more description)

You should be able to feel problem areas in the body or see where they are, and should be able to tell how many treatments are required for a client to get better. 

Your hands should be able to feel the good and negative vibrations. 

Your hands know or are guided to where the healing is required. 

There are many more techniques. e.g. Hatsu Rei-ho, Nentastu-ho, Chakra breathing, Gazing in minds eye, Chopping like a Karate chop, Soothing, Pressing, etc.. 

Q. Want to know more about Symbols ? 

A. Symbols make the use of Reiki very wide. Especially the Master Symbol, which in the west is regarded as holy as it is thought to bring down divine energy. The symbols are very powerful and have their own powers. However, they are just symbols, not divine or something sacred. Their use is to connect to the High Universal Vibrations. 

When your senses rise high enough to know or feel the vibrations and you yourself are vibrating with the Universal Reiki energy, you no longer need to use the symbols. You must not mislead yourself to believe that the symbols alone have the powers and rely 100% on symbols. You end up worshipping only the images, not reality, otherwise. 

You try to move away from drawing or using the symbols when you have developed the ability to use the symbols well enough. In that sense you can connect to the Great Universal Vibrations by thought or mind. 

Q. What is the final goal of Reiki teaching ? 

    Level 1… learn hands on healing and help to heal physical and emotional problems. 
    Level 2… learn to cleanse and heal the past Karma and build up a positive future.
    Level 3… learn to live each day filled with great light. 

Modern Reiki way of "Satori" is not the same as a religious concept. It is to gain absolute relaxation. Imbalances cause tiredness, tension stress, blockages and stagnant energy flow. 
The key is the absolute relaxation that can melt the blockages and release them and bring balance. Fear, sorrow, anger and negative feelings will cause tension. Tension has it’s own negative vibrations.  You forget that you are living in the grace of the Great Universal Light and it is always guiding you. Believing in the Great Universal Light is very important. 
Let it guide you and lead your life. 

Universal Reiki and Reiki within your body become a symetry. The Universe is you and you are the Universe. Both merge into one. These are the final Reiki goals to achieve. 

Usui Sensei (teacher) divided his pupils into 6 ranks. 

Shoden (1st level) was the sixth rank.   (see this page for Shoden Techniues of URR old Gakkai)
3rd rank was Okuden.
He set his rank at 2nd and no one had the 1st rank. 

The reason Usui Sensei remained 2nd rank was that someday amongst his pupils, someone might reach beyond his level, he hoped.  This gesture was to encourage his pupils to work hard in many dimensions, especially in spiritual growth. He has taught the righteous way of attitude in life.

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