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Chapter 11: Self Cleansing by Reiki

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Modern Reiki Method for Healing
  Modern Reiki Method for Healing
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a copy for my own students. So I chose to give a free copy to my Gendai Reiki Shiahan (master level) students. For original Gendai Reiki Shihan
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Here is a condensed translation of Chapter 11: "Self cleansing by Reiki" of Japanese Reiki Master Mr. Hiroshi Doi's 1998 book 'Iyashi no Gendai Reikiho' (Isbn. 4-9006631-34-7c0077) or "Modern Reiki Method for Healing", translated by Yukio Miura, Kyoto, Japan - Mr. Doi has given me permission to print this.

Technique of the Reiki Shower.

1)  Stand or sit. Make your self comfortable. 
      Close your eyes or half open. 
      Breathing slowly but naturally. 

2)  Gassho.. hands together, praying manner at the chest. 

Move the hands high as possible, hands separate. 
Imagine that you are receiving a shower of vibrations or light, from the source of the Universe, and feel it. 
At the same time say loudly in your mind ; Cho-ku-Rei for 2nd level pupil, Dai-Ko-Myo for 3rd level pupil. 

3)  Feel the vibrations of Reiki energy. 

Move the hands down to the front of the body, palm facing the body. 
Reiki is emenating from the hands, together with the Reiki Shower. 
Unnecessary energy is washed down to the earth in this way. 
Do this practice for a few times. 

4)  Gassho again to finish. 

Now you do hands-healing to yourself and to others.

Method of Breathing Light

This method is very useful for relaxation and cleansing negative emotions and mind.

1)  Stand or sit. Be comfortable. 

Close eyes or half open. 
Breath slowly but naturally. 
Breath in through nose and out from nose, or out from mouth if you find it more comfortable. 

2)  Gassho and calm mind. 

3)  Hands up high as possible and feel the vibrations of light in the whole of body. 

4)  Move hands down slowly on to you lap, palms up and loosely holding. 

Bring your mind to Tan-dien (abdomen) and listen to the breathing. 

5)  While you breath in, imagine that Reiki White Energy is filling your head and goes down to your Tan-dien. The energy is spreading to the whole of your organs, to each cell. 

Feel the healing is in progress. 

6)  Gassho again to finish. Shake the hands well. 

You do these exercises any time, anywhere, especially when you start feeling negative, angry, sad and fear. 

Technique of Breathing with Gassho

The aim of this breathing exercise is to concentrate the mind. 
When you master this skill, you will learn to release scattered thoughts and keep your mind still. 
In this way you always feel fine and keep a high will and mind. 
It opens your ability of sensing and knowing. 
Your hands will become sensitive so that you feel much more energy. 

1)  Stand or sit. 

Close eyes or half open. Breath slowly but naturally. 

2)  Gassho. 

3)  Hands up high and feel the vibrations of light in the whole of your body. 

4)  Move hands down slowly and stop at the chest, just above the heart and Gassho.

5)  While breathing in, imagine that Reiki is running down to Tanden from the palms, and then filling the Tanden. 

6) While breathing out, energy from the Tanden is moving up to palms and releasing out sharply from there. 


7)  Gassho and finish. Shake the hands. 

Breathing Exercises for Chakra Activating

This exercise’s aim is to breath in Reiki energy and move it to every part of the body. In this way the body is cleansed and charged with energy. You may enter into a meditative state. 

1)  Stand, sit or lie down. Close the eyes or half open.

2)  Gassho. Hands up high and feel the vibrations of light flow into the whole of the body.

3)  Hands down slowly.

Dan-tien breathing… breath in and out at the abdomen. Breath in and your abdomen expands, breath out and the abdomen shrinks. Do this a few times until you feel calm and relaxed. 

4)  While breathing in, imagine that light is reaching every cell in all parts of the body then coming out of the body.

While breathing out imagine that all the tension and the negative thoughts are releasing out of the body. 

a). Breath in Reiki energy through the Base Chakra, move the energy up, stop at the Heart Chakra and fill with energy. Breath out from the Heart spreading energy in every direction and out from the body. 

b). Breath in the energy from everywhere into the Heart and fill the Heart with energy. Move the energy up into and out of the Crown Chakra to the outside. 

c). Breath in through the Crown, down to the Heart and fill with the energy. Breath out from the Heart. 

d). Breath into the Heart, down to the Base Chakra. Breath out from the Base Chakra. 

Repeat a) to b) another three times. 

6)  Practice the same way as 5), but instead of filling the heart with energy fill the following Chakra’s.

Tan-dien - Solar Plexus - Throat - Brow. 

7)  Gassho and finish. Shake hands and clear the mind.

When you do not have time to do a complete sequence, just do paragraph 5.

Technique of Self Growth by Reiki

Cell Activating Method

This is a healing of the whole body by applying light energy to those areas which are in a state of imbalance.

1)  Stand, sit or lie down. Close the eyes or half open.

2)  Gassho.

3)  Hands up high and feel the vibrations of light flow into the whole of the body. 

Bring hands down. Breath slowly at Tan-dien. Use the mind's eye and scan the whole of the body, top to bottom. Try again. Find un-balanced areas and apply Reiki energy there when you breath out. While you are doing that, talk to the imbalance mentally as follows. 

"You are stiff and stressed. You are blessed with Reiki Light, so now you are all right. Your anger, sadness and fear are all gone with the light. You are a perfect being and let’s carry out what ever you are supposed to do"

Then move to the next problem area. 

4)  When you are accustomed to this exercise, you see Reiki White Light reaching imbalanced areas instantly.

You just need to say "You are now healed" 

5)  Instead of using your mind you can scan the body with your palms and do the same as 3) 

6)  Gassho and finish.

(see this page for photos and more)

This is to send your wish to your higher self with Reiki vibrations. 

1)  Stand, sit or lie down. Close the eyes or half open.

2)  Gassho.

3)  Hands up high and feel the vibrations of light flow into the whole of the body. 

Bring hands down and place one palm to the forehead and the other one on the back of the head. 

Say affirmation, "I am with the Great Universe, Great Life Source and Great Reality"

4)  Move the hands on the forehead to back of the head and put on top of the other that is already there.

Send the energy there for a few minutes. 

5)  You can do this to other people, but make sure you understand his wish well.

6)  Always choose right and positive affirmations.

Never use this technique for selfish reasons. Do not try too hard otherwise you will create more tension and imbalance. You practice this in a very relaxed and meditative state.

(Note:  URR Gakkai Shihan Fumo Ogawa said this techqniue was used with the first hand position for every treatment.)

Reiki Meditation

If you have been practising meditation, carry on the way you are used to. However you can also try the Reiki way. 

You will be filled with the Reiki high vibrations and surrounded by it too. This means low vibration energy cannot come close to you, therefore you are protected and this is an important factor.

In the morning and evening carry out the meditation with the right affirmation. 

1)  Prepare your self as previous, hands in gassho.

2)  Level one …………… Just Reiki shower. 

     Level two …….……... Say 3 x CKR. 

     Level three ……….… Say 3 x DKM. 

3)  Hands up high and absorb the Reiki shower.

4)  Close the eyes.

Bring the hands down to the height of your forehead for the middle fingers and Gassho. 

Breath in and out calmly and feel that you are now at one with the Universal Energy. 

If you feel any tensions anywhere release them and relax. 

Feel that you are breathing in from your hands and out from your hands. 

After a while, when your meditation becomes deeper, your hands may come down or may open, do not take any notice of this. 

5)  Raise the left hand a little higher and put the right hand on the lap, palm up and curled slightly. If you are left handed reverse this.

In this style, you visualise that the Universal Energy is coming in through the raised hand and release the energy through the lower hand which is your dominant hand. 

If you have any problem areas apply your dominant hand there. 

6)  Move the raised hand down slowly to the left lap, palms up and slightly curled.

Now both hands are in the lap. 

In this position you feel the Universal Love of Energy. Enjoy the sensation for a while. 

7)  Put one hand on your heart and give positive affirmation to your higher self.


Put one hand (does not matter which) on the forehead and other one on the back of the head and give affirmation. 

Gassho and finish.

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