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New article --  Reiki and Animals

This article is one of a series where I give my personal experiences and ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work.  The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint.  While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

One of the more enjoyable uses for applying Reiki that most of us learn, is to share this with our own pets and other animals.  In fact some Reiki practitioners choose to work only with animals, sometimes joining up with local veterinary services.  I've found that depending on the species (and sometimes the animal) we can expect a variety of reactions to a Reiki treatment, or even just the presence of Reiki.

Chester and NadyaWhen Nadya and I first learned Reiki, aside from practicing on ourselves and our 3 daughters, we also explored Reiki on our many cats (5 at that time).  Just as with people, I found that each cat had their own peculiarities in relation to Reiki (that`s adorable Chester on the left.)  While most of the cats would sit still and purr in your lap while receiving, sometimes I discovered that giving one Reiki was a way to get the cat to leave my lap.  Perhaps simply being near to us so much of the time, the cats were absorbing our Reiki radiance, enough to satisfy their needs when healthy.  We know that cats and other animals tend to absorb our emotions, hence the reason why they sometimes get sick for no apparent reason. 
Stephanie and BlackberreyWhen I became a Reiki Master I would practice giving the cats attunements to Reiki.  Granted some would again not sit still long for this increased energy space, so I learned to just project it to them.  One cat in particular, a black beauty we called Blackberry (on the right,) used to enjoy sneaking into my Reiki classesShe would walk amongst the students, select one, and then jump up into the person's lap.  The selected student never seemed to mind this and would just continue listening to me as I taught.  However, when it came time for the students to practice the techniques I was sharing, the student with the cat somehow felt he or she should not move at all and should remain seated.  If this had happened once or twice, it would have just seemed an unusual incident  But this happened several times.  I finally had to bar Blackberry from the classes.  There were times before this when she would also just jump right up onto the Reiki table beside the person receiving the treatment.  I suppose she just wanted to be a part of this and considered herself something of a Reiki practitioner (or teacher.)

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