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(Note: Shoden means "the entrance".  This Shoden material is an excerpt from Japanese teacher Hiroshi Doi’s Gendai Reiki Shoden class. The material was first presented at the Vancouver 1999 URRI conference I hosted, and then the following conferences from 2000 to 2003.  This technique is one of several that Mr. Doi has added Reiki to a non Reiki exercise or meditation. )
Gendai Reiki Ho Sample Class Page
Chakra Kassei Kokyu ho

Source: Essence of Gendai Reiki ho - Sensei Hiroshi Doi; translation by Yukio Miura; editing by Richard R. Rivard, Tom Rigler. 
Purpose: Chakra Kassei Kokyu ho means the breathing technique for chakra activating. It allows you to penetrate Reiki through your whole body and activate your chakras.


Part A
1. Stand, sit or lie down. Make yourself comfortable. (For this explanation I will explain the sitting position on a chair.)

2. Close, or half close the eyes. Breath slowly, and naturally.

3. Gassho.

4. Raise your hands high above the head. Intend to connect to the Reiki energy.  Feel the vibrations of the Reiki Light flushing into the whole of the body.

Gassho Coonect to Reiki Hands in Lap
5. Move the hands slowly down onto your lap, keep the eyes closed.

6. Do abdomen breathing. (that i,s breathe in and out at the abdomen.) Breathe in as your abdomen expands and breathe out as the abdomen shrinks. Do this exercise until you feel calm and relaxed.

7. While breathing in, visualise or imagine that Reiki is coming in through the top of the head and reaching to every cell of the body. Feel the whole body is filled with light.

8. While breathing out, visualise that all the tension and negative thoughts are released out of the body.

9. Continue these breathing exercises for a while, then visualise the 7th Chakra position,. Then practice the Chakra activating exercise as follows:

10. At the beginning practice the basic breathing
      (Chakras 1-root, 4-heart,7-crown)

a. Breathe in the energy from 1 (Root). Move the energy to 4 (Heart). Feel the energy there, then breathe out from 4 (Flush the energy out from the centre of the Heart chakra in all directions.)
b. Breathe in the energy from all directions into the centre of 4 (Heart), move the energy to 7 (Crown) and breathe out from there.

c. Breathe in from 7 (Crown), feel in 4 (Heart), then breathe out from 4 (Heart).

d. Breathe in from 4 (Heart), breathe out from 1 (Root).

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