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  The Following is a Repeat Reiki Article 
This is from my Threshold Reiki 1 Class manual

This page is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

Reiki Analogies
Simple Ways to Explain the Workings of Reiki and Other Healing Energies 

Sometimes the ease and simplicity of Reiki can be deceiving and even seem confusing for new students.  Either that, or some people may simply wish a better understanding of how Reiki works when applying it to themselves or others. These concerns often lead me to try to come up with some examples of everyday experiences that Reiki can be compared with.  Here are some of the ideas I share in my classes.

Reiki as Watering Your Garden

Girl wateringMost people are familiar with watering a garden, watering their yard or just their houseplants.  They have an idea of how water works with and flows through the soil and plants. So one analogy I suggest they can think of is the act of applying Reiki as being similar to watering a garden.  No matter how it's watered, the water still gets to all parts of the garden and concentrates more in the areas of greatest need.  You might begin at one end of the garden and work methodically towards the other end, noticing as you progress how each plant responds to the water.  Or you can search out the plants that seem in need or that you know will need the most and water them first. You might spray the entire garden at one time from one location.  And some might even just leave the garden hose slowly flowing water at the upper end of the garden and let nature and gravity do their own balancing act without having to move the hose around. In all cases, the water gradually fills the garden, and more important, it tends to be drawn most to satisfy the plants and areas with the greatest need.

Reiki and other healing energies work much the same way, filling the body and beyond, and concentrating or being drawn mostly to the areas of greatest need; whether this be a poorly functioning or healing body part, an energy block or area of stagnant energy, or simply improving the overall flow of energy through the body. The Reiki practitioner can choose his or her own method of application knowing that ultimately the recipient will receive what is required at the time, and in the appropriate quantity.

Reiki as Electricity

wall plugImagine that the awakening of Reiki (with the help of your teacher) within you is like installing an electrical box in your house or apartment.  Then, think of your hands (or your feet, your eyes, breath or whatever you use to share the energy with) as your electrical wall outlets that are hooked into your house's electrical (Reiki) box.  You simply move your outlets (hands, etc.) to an area of the body intending to apply Reiki and that part of the body (much like an appliance) "plugs in" and decides how much Reiki energy to draw.  You just offer it and the "appliance" does the rest.  So a body part might feel like it's drawing like a table lamp, a toaster (at various settings), an oven, a clothes dryer or even a fridge or freezer (with cooler energy being called for).  There's no real work on your part – no concentration to keep Reiki flowing, no intention to force or push the healing, no sense of being drained as this is not your normal life energy you are using but that of the source of the electricity, i.e. the source of the Reiki. 

ironNote that the wall outlet does not take on the properties of the appliance in this scenario, and similarly your hands do not take on the properties of the unhealthy or out of balance body part – SO LONG as you DO NOT try to make the body take more than it draws. There is a synergy between the energy and the body, just like with the electricity and the appliance.  There is a right amount of energy needed and then it must be assimilated and worked with.  Also take note that just as an oven or clothes dryer has a much larger wall plug and can suddenly draw to the limits of the electrical box, so too can the condition in one area of a person's body suddenly draw to your maximum ability to flow Reiki.  This can be quite a surprise when it occurs an d you may even need to back your hands away for a bit or move to another body part if it feels too strong for you (it may simply take some getting used to this level of Reiki.) 

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