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Soul Love

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Channeling: What is It and How to Do It
by Lita De Alberdi
I really enjoyed this book. Lita is a student of Sanaya and Duane (see "Opening to Channel" below) and I found a lot of her fresh ideas reflected mine.  It was really nice to see this in print.  Lita also adds in her own experiences from teaching, and while I have found a different way to teach so that I do not require her concept of requiring Psychic protection, it is still interesting to read another teacher's thoughts on subjects like this. 

Lita includes some channeled material from her own guides and this gives you an idea of what you might expect if channeling by writing is one of your stronger traits.

This book makes a welcome compliment to "Opening to Channel", especially if you cannot make it to a live class. However you can also use this book just by itself as it is a teaching book as well.

What is It and How to Do It
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Opening to Channel
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
Channel For my money, this is the most powerful shortcut a person can learn in advancing their spiritual growth and energy work.  Many people are able to consciously channel simply by doing the 4 very simple meditations in the book.  The book is essentially a complete support and information guide - a "what is it?",  a "how to do it" and a "what to do with it" information resource. Also, there are a number of tapes available to assist you in the process at home.  The tapes are a available at the Lumin Essence Channeling Page.

"Guides assist you in developing your natural gift to connect to the higher realms. They do so by giving you a boost of energy, providing you with opportunities to grow in new directions, acting as teachers and interpreters, and showing you how to refine your abilities to navigate in the higher dimensions. Guides can help you reach upward in ways that are comfortable and aligned with your higher purpose."
In my Reiki work, I sometimes assist my master level students in making this connection so they can ask for increased energies, and new ones to suit their own spiritual path.
Opening to Channel
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Abraham - Hicks

A New Beginning 1

A New Beginning 2
In my Reiki classes I often find that students are also looking for ways to understand the challenges in their daily lives, and to find simple yet effective ways to overcome or integrate them. 

My wife Nadya brought the Abraham material home several years ago but it wasn't till some time in 2000 that I found myself drawn to read them.  When I finally did I was surprised at how simple yet effective their ideas were and I began to share their wisdom in my own classes.

A good primer into the Abrham-Hicks work is their very informative excerpts from their SCIENCE OF DELIBERATE CREATION, QUARTERLY JOURNAL

I especially like the featured article from the Oct/Nov/Dec 2000 pages called An Introduction to the Art of Allowing. And catch the latest journal as well.

A New Beginning
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