Creating Your Light Body by Richard Dupuis
"Creating Your Light Body" by R. Dupuis
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A Resource Site Dedicated to Manifesting Your Light Body Skills

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"Rather than wanting to hold to the past longer, and slow things down, and stop the aging process -- just revel in the power of now! You can't stop time, and you won't stop the recycling process that is taking place upon this planet, nor would you want to -- but you do not have to suffer the moving through time. Every moment can be more wonderful than the moment before"
Abraham (Esther Hicks)

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To get you started, you might want to take a look at the Resource pages which give you ideas for exploring and enhancing your Light Body abilities.

Orin and DaBen
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Unniverse and Man
 "The  Universe and Man." 
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Windows to the Universe
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Welcome to your ongoing challenge and excitement of developing and enhancing your own spiritual awareness.  If you haven't heard of the term "Light Body", think of it as a layer of your aura much closer to your soul level; a layer that until recently (the mid 1960's), you haven't had the ability to access.

The key word in spiritual growth these days is "ascension".  However, a better term is probably "descension".  Many spirit guides have explained to us recently that  we are actually in a process of bringing our own Light Body vehicle to the physical plane; essentially duplicating the feats of Ascended Masters and avatars before us.  To do so, we must increase the physical (emotional, mental, etc.) body's ability to hold more Light (energy).

This used to be a very long (perhaps life-long) process but with the help of our spirit friends, we have been presented with many easy techniques that can be quickly learned and utilized; and safely, I might add. Many of you may already have experienced these in the guise of a healing technique like Reiki or other such energy skills. 

Also, at this time we are told there are many new energies coming to our planet to assist us in this process.  Orin and DaBen explain how these energies are here to help and Lazaris talks about the energies from the Sirius vortex.   These are just 2 of many connections on the web and I will try to present all that I find, here. 

An interesting aspect of the descension of the Light Body involves the emergence of new chakras and the enhancement of our current ones. I had saved an explanation from the book "What is Light Body?" by Tashira Tachi-ren (also presented at the Alchemical Mage page). It also explains how the chakras will go to ball stage, the first step in their shift to the Unified Chakra.

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