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Channeling Reiki Without an Attunement Ceremony

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One of the exercises I add into my channeling class is an energy healing one where students work with their highest guides in presenting healing energies to a class partner.    Some of this exercise is explained in another Channeling support article titled "Highest Ki Exercise."  

Normally all of my channeling students in a class have learned at least one level of a Reiki system, and so all are quite capable of presenting a form of Reiki to their practice partner. But on occasion, I have a student or two who has never had Reiki training. 

In those cases, I used to ask the student
right in class if I might attune him/her to Threshold Reiki so they he/she could then take part in this part of the exercise.  The student always agreed.  However, in a 2008 class I had 3 non Reiki students and 2 with Reiki training.  When I have an odd number of students I then take part in the exercises as a practice partner.  So in this case I had the 3 of us who had Reiki training, sit in a chair with a non Reiki student in behind each of us.  I then began the exercise. 

Healing DemonstrationWhen I came to the part where I would ask the giving student to allow Reiki to flow to the receiving student, I addressed the 3 ladies behind the chairs.  I suggested that since they were currently blending with their highest guide (from the previous day's training) that they now ask their guide to connect with my own highest guide, and ask that it retrieve a copy of the energy I call Threshold Reiki.  Then having done so, I suggested they ask their highest guide to allow this Reiki energy to flow through them and into their practice partner. 

While I knew my practice partner would be successful, I wasn't prepared for how well this would occur.  Not only did I begin to feel the flow of Reiki into me from her hands on my shoulders, but I also felt it as a completely accurate version of my Threshold Reiki. And even more to my amazement, the energy was very strong, as though my partner has been practicing with this Reiki for years, not just a few minutes!

When I checked with the other 2 receiving partners, they too were experiencing a strong flow of Reiki from their non Reiki partner. 
I then suggested that the non Reiki partners could ask their highest guide to create a permanent access to this Threshold Reiki for them as well. Essentially, this would be the same as receiving a Reiki class attunement or reiju.

In another class in 2010 I had a similar experience with 2 non Reiki students and they too had the very same success with their highest guides.  Both incidents were very good validations on how higher energies could be copied and acquired while working with high level Light beings.

If you have comments or suggestions, contact me. I will try to answer them all.