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A Threshold Anecdote -- Experiencing A Satori

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- Threshold Reiki Anecdote -
This page is one of a series where I share a personal experience or anecdote related to my Reiki work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall Reiki knowledge base.  While the experience has been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own Reiki work.

In the Reiki world there is a term used in connection with Mikao Usui, the person who unintentionally influenced the creation of that modern healing system. That term is "satori", which can mean
enlightenment or spiritual awakening.  And of course "enlightenment" is experiencing that sudden state of understanding.  During a traditional fast and meditation, Usui experienced a moment of a great influx of energy and knowledge, so much that it knocked him unconscious till the morning.  I suppose there are many ways this can occur for someone, some huge like this and some very subtle.  And there are many types of spiritual understanding one can experience.

In relationship to conscious channeling, in spring 1995 I once had a very powerful spiritual experience not long after I had taken a channeling class. I was in the middle of a 13 week course of "Awakening Your Light Body."  One of the meditations (called journeys) that we listened to one evening was called "Opening Your Channel."

Back in the 3rd week of this series of classes, I had also been invited to take the "Opening To Channel" class with our teacher, Carla.  Now, it was about 5 weeks later and I had quite a bit more channeling and energy work experience under my belt.  So when Carla told us that the next journey was called "Opening Your Channel," I immediately called in and blended with my Highest Guide of that time, the Nova family.  In other words, I jumped right to where the journey was supposed to take us, not realising what this would cause. 

As Carla began to play the journey and the guides DaBen and Orin began to transmit energies, Carla this so as well, just like she usually did in class. (she is a natural at transmitting and very strong).  The cumulative support energies and my own state of being blended with Nova, causing me to immediately rocket right out this reality into a realm where I experienced absolute bliss.  I was in a state of being where I was completely unaware of my physical surrounding and feeling so wonderful that I didn't even think about ever wanting to return. I didn't think about family, or anything else, just how wonderful I felt.  I suppose I was home.

Later I discovered that this journey lasts half an hour.  But there was no sens of time where my consciousness was.  At one point I remember I met a being there and asked who she was. She said "I am Goddess."  I though to myself "Nice."   But my mind just slipped back to my state of wonder.

Then of course, all too soon for my taste, the journey was ending and I felt myself being pulled back into body and into the physical realm as the supporting energies were gradually released.  I very was disturbed by this.   And it was to be years later before I was to become aware of the purpose of this experience for me.

Later on, try as I might I couldn't get back to that level of vibration.  Then 4 years later I had a dream involving myself as an emissary visiting an older monarch of another land.  I found that we both seemed to get along well with each other.  We even fell asleep against each other as we sat on a small bench.  Then her aid came to inform her it was time for her next audience.  She said goodbye and as her aid was helping me put on my cloak he said "You don't realize what an honor this has been for you."   Then I woke up. 

I was puzzled by this dream and when I was taking a shower I reached out to ask my teacher guide Cypress, about this woman in the dream.  But I couldn't find Cypress anywhere. This was a first for me in the 4 and a half years she had been my teaching Guide.  I said "Where are you?"  She replied "I'm inside you."  The importance of this escaped me and so I just asked who the woman in the dream was.  She said it was her own teacher, and that she was passing me on to her.  I remembered then that when I first met Cypress she said she was an aspect of "Goddess energy."

Suddenly it dawned on me that Cypress had permanently blended with me. I had never heard of this happening.  This blending is what we normally do when using conscious channeling; it is how Sanaya Roam channels Orin and how Duane Packer channels DaBen.  Yet Cypress had never truly blended with me before.   I didn't know why she suddenly decided to do it then.  Actually, I felt fine with that idea.  I trusted her that much after all our previous work together. (She as to be the first of several to do this with me.)

Over the next few days as I worked with this being called "Goddess," I came to realize she was the same being I had met in the channeling journey in 1995.  When I asked her why I wasn't feeling that same state of bliss anymore as I worked with her, Cypress explained that over the 4 years I had simply grown to be able to easily handle that level of energy, and it would now take much more to push me into such a state. 

So in a way it was an awakening not only of such a high state at which we may exist, but also in how we can all grow to hold more and more energy.  I suppose this is just like we can grow to handle one glass of wine, then 2, then 3, etc.   Looking back I can see the benefits of of having completing the "Awakening Your Light Body" series, and then working the Light Body graduate journeys in the order I did, as well as repeating them so many times in those 4 years.  Add to this my  working with more and more various Reiki systems, channeling more and more Guides and energies, having a shifted into the Unified Chakra and Body in 1997 (another anecdote I wrote of), having worked the Soul Love and Soul Linking energy since 1997 thus causing the further expansion of the heart centre, as well as a few other things all seemed to have contributed towards this potential.  And it has continued since.  When I now go to that place I experienced in the journey back in 1995, it does seem like a thimble of wine, but it offers me so much more potential.

I think the important thing for me is that my journey has been one that I can explain or teach to others, something that anyone can try in their own way.  So for those of us who haven't retained these abilities from childhood, we can find a path back and beyond as well, with or without a satori-like experience.

In time, there were other amazing experiences like this one and the Unified Chakra one

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