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Threshold Notes -- Life Path - Life Purpose

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This Note is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

If you are like me, you probably found yourself immersed in the world of Reiki without really intending to be a teacher or even a practitioner for others.  That kind of commitment may have simply crept up on you. 

I had been a computer professional at the technical, design and finally the management stage for almost 20 years.  While I had taken a very brief healing lecture at a yoga camp in 1977, I didn’t really expect to do much with this, although I did read a bit about Psychic Healing from a book by the same name.  But I suppose I was more interested (other than my day to day work and my family life) in understanding the nature of reality.  So when I went to a local annual psychic fair with my wife in 1992, I was mainly curious about getting a life reading, just to see what that would be like.  

As I walked around the fair however, I was somehow drawn to a small booth, a table actually, where a young lady was standing with her hands on the shoulders of a person seated behind the table. Obviously she was giving him some kind of a treatment.  Since she was busy I looked over her pamphlets and photos on the table, the latter reminding me more of some kind of weekend campout in the wilderness.  But before I knew it I had impulsively enrolled in what became her first Reiki class.  Within a year and a half I knew I had to teach Reiki to others and everything began to fall into place to assist that goal - Reiki was now active on my Life Path.  And the nature of my own reality was giving me some interesting lessons.

Something I began to notice more and more in my early Reiki classes was that my previous pathexperiences in many areas of my life (happy and sad) were often proving very helpful when working to understand my students’ own life experiences.  This would then allow me to suggest ideas that could help the student make use of Reiki in his or her daily life.  I came to understand that this type of life experience, our true “curriculum vitae,” is part of what allows us as Reiki teachers to work more closely with students that seem to be drawn to our own style of teaching.  I feel this is part of what causes us to go beyond simply being a teacher or healer, and actually begins to bring the true meaning of “master” into our Reiki experience – that of offering some kind of helpful hints to others as to how to lead a more fulfilling life.  Thus each life experience, whether perceived as wanted or unwanted, tends to add more fuel towards our future Life Purpose.  It’s as if we have been in training for just this moment, just this particular student or client - our sort of “on the job” experience.

Even those who have been drawn to Reiki for only a short time may simply be gathering more life experience with which to assist some other part of their future life purpose.  It may just be a small branch of their Life Path that now becomes a resource for them in their current Life Work.  But for some, Reiki becomes their true Life Purpose and remains their primary focus till they leave this earth plane.

Personally I have known for some time that Reiki and my channeling classes have simply been a very long branch off my life path, a more involved set of training, perhaps similar in nature to my office world experience or my on-going family adventure.  It is something I pursue in parallel with other work that I sense will eventually lead to my own Life Purpose or Life Work.  I suppose the magic (the surprise?) of this is that I won’t really know what that is until I am well immersed within that work.  But I do know it will captivate and fulfill me even more than my Reiki and channeling work has to date. That feels very positive and promising to me.  smile

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Richard (Rick) Rivard

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