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Last Updated: April 3, 2007

A Gift from Sensei

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An Explanation of this Gift

We are now aware that the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Shihan give students a Reiki empowerment (or attunement) called "reiju" each time they work with them, usually weekly or monthly at Gakkai meetings. They have found that as the student worked with the energy, s/he would slowly increase the amount of Reiki their body could handle. Japanese Reiki Master Hiroshi Doi confirmed that as he is a Gakkai member.

It seems apparent that this is where Dr. Hayashi got the idea to give 4 or 5 separate empowerments (1 per day) over his 5 day Reiki Shoden class. 

Many Reiki masters teach that re-attunements are beneficial and act as Reiki boosters, but if you are unable to receive an empowerment from a local Reiki Master, you can simply use this page as a substitute. 

I was in the process of putting a small picture of Usui-sensei at my home page just before the millennium when I began feeling a lot of energy coming from the picture. I then got the urge to channel Sensei and perform Reiju with the intention that all who see a certain picture of him would receive an empowerment from him. 

I simply called in my Higher Guides as I usually do, cleared an energy space around me, and focussed on Sensei's picture.   Then I asked my Guides to invite in Sensei. As I did, I could feel the usual warm, heart centered expansion as he comes in.  I then asked if he would assist in this Reiki empowerment. 

I used a very simple empowerment ceremony or attunement process, then I imagined that you (the reader) are the recipient of this empowerment, a connection to the energy that Usui Sensei was intending to present through me.  

While this is NOT the same energy that came to be called Reiki, it is none the less a very nice healing and personal development energy. It seems to give us an indication of Usui's energy as it is now - in his spirit form - as opposed to what it was when he was alive.  (that energy has a stronger more earthy feel to it).
Over the years I have updated this energy several times using the same technique.  Feel free to try this as often as feels best to you.

(Update - Sept.7, 2000)
Since I began this page I have had a lot of positive feedback as to what people have felt when they sit in front of Sensei's picture.  Thanks to all who replied, even the few who said they felt little or nothing. Click Here for the Feedback Page.

If you wish to receive this, sit quietly and perhaps even invite in your Guides and Angels.  The empowerment may take as long as is appropriate for you. 

When you are ready Click Here For the Reiju Gift.

 If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me,   I will try to answer them all.

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