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  Note: additional Japanese Reiki energies are shared in all my Threshold Reiki classes



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Thank You for Experiencing This Moment With Usui Sensei
If this is your first Energy empowerment (reiju or attunement) you may want to try giving yourself a healing session now to see what this energy feels like to work with.  Simply go to my Sample Reiki 1 pages and try the "Self Treatment". There are also some other useful links there as well. 

Afterwards, try giving a healing session to a family member or friend (just follow the Sample Page "Treating Another Person" guideline)

Already a Reiki practitioner?  Try giving a treament now to a friend or family member and ask them if your healing energy has changed.  You can even intend o do this usingonly the erngy from this empowerment, as a comparisin to what you normally flow.

Note that my New to Reiki page has a link where you can download my free Reiki 1 manual.  This will explain all you need to know (and more) about Reiki and making use of it - a lot of it can be applied to anykindof helaig energy.  So you can do the same with the energy received from the photo above.

Note: additional Reiki energies are shared in all my Threshold Reiki classes

The photo of Usui Sensei was given to me by Hiroshi Doi-sensei (via my friend Yuko Okamato).
One of his students got it from a Japanese Reiki Master,  Ms. Ayako Sasaki, who was actually the Shihan (teacher)  of Doi-sensei's first Reiki teacher, Mr. Hiroshi Ohta.  Ayako-sensei was the head of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai branch in Hiroshima.
If you like,
please take a moment to share your experience with the empowerment.

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Thank you for your feedback.  R. Rivard

Let this empowerment settle in for as long as you feel necessary, and then come back again as often as you wish.   Re-attunements are given at every meeting in the original Reiki soceity (Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai) to all members. It is explained that these, and the constant use of Reiki on self and others, will increase their Reiki strength.

Since I began this page I have had a lot of positive feedback as to what people have felt when they sit in front of Sensei's picture.  Thanks to all who replied, even the few who said they felt little or nothing.

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If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.    I will try to answer them all.