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In-person local classes are currently on hold for students new to me.
However, If you have a group of 4 or more people interested in a class, please Contact Me.

Read the book "Opening to Channel" but still not having the success you want?  Always wondered how others had the ability to consciously channel?  Attended a class but still not happy with the results?  This may be the workshop for you!

Are you a Reiki practitioner and/or a healer using alternative healing skills and looking for ways to better assist your healing recipients?  This class may be just what you need to enhance your skills and open new doors.

Richard Rivard, a Reiki Teacher with over 24 years of experience in conscious channeling, invites you to explore additional resources in your quest for spiritual growth and advanced energy work.  Come and experience the most powerful techniques you may ever encounter, as well as receive the highest healing energies you can hold – your highest “Ki” – much like Reiki founder Mikao Usui did in his time, as did other founders of powerful energy systems. 

While most forms of channeling involve connecting with higher beings of Light and Love, this class goes a bit further to involve the process of "Blending" with your guide, as discussed in the book "Opening To Channel."  This is a more vibrant way of channeling, allowing a more complete experience of your guide each time you channel, and thus expanding your experience and extending your personal growth.

You will achieve and practice verbal channeling, automatic writing, automatic drawing and other channeling skills, all using a deeper connection to a new and very high level Guide suited to your own unique life path. With your new Guide's help, you will easily tap into new healing energies and include these in your daily work.  You will discover how your Guide will assist in the understanding of your own spiritual growth on a daily basis. Richard guarantees 2 enjoyable and fascinating days.

During the workshop you will be assisted to make a connection with your highest spiritual guide at this time.  You will also learn several ways to channel your guide and you will have lots of practice doing these with a partner.  Once you have completed the class, you may wish to learn more about your new gift.  I highly recommend you purchase the book “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer as an excellent resource to help you grow and understand your ability.

"Guides will choose a channel with a vocabulary or skill that will be a match for their work together. Scientific guides may choose channels with a scientific vocabulary. Artistic guides may choose artists. Philosophical guides may choose channels interested in philosophy, and so on. When guides transmit information outside of your vocabulary, they will search for the closest words you have available. That is why your guide may feel so much like you when you, for there is a great alignment of energy and purpose."  From "Opening to Channel"

The 2 day channeling class may be offered over 2 consecutive days or 2 days separated by a week or more. The following is a sample two day class plan. 

Class Requirements:

  • Please read over the sample class agenda and see if this is what you are expecting in a channeling class.
  • To prepare for the class, it is useful if you have already read "Opening to Channel" or at least had a good look at the book, since it answers most questions students have about conscious channeling. This saves me having to answer such questions in class and allows for more time to practice with partners. (Although students certainly can ask questions during class.)
  • I usually require at least 4 people to hold a local class so that the students have a variety of practice partners.  This makes for a more successful class.
  • A $50 deposit is required to hold your space in the class. The class fee is $400.
  • Students will be given directions to the class, and they will receive additional pre-class instructions shortly before the class.

"Opening to Channel" Workshop
Sample Agenda

All Students receive a certificate of completion and 
a CD with additional meditations and support material.

Day 1 (of 2) Agenda (7 hours including breaks and lunch time)

  • Introduction to Conscious Channeling and Blending, comparison to Reiki and other healing techniques, introduction to "Guide" Music
  • Concentration Exercise
  • Opening meditation - create a personal development space; connect to the energy of Trust
  • Meditation and Empowerment to connect to and consciously blend with your Highest Guide (share experiences afterward)
  • Practice channeling messages from your guide for yourself (share experiences)
  • Practice channeling messages from your guide for another person (share experiences)
  • How to use channeling in your daily life.   Practice channeling automatic writing from your guide for yourself (share experiences)
  • Practice channeling automatic writing from your guide for another person (share experiences)
  • Practice channeling drawing (artwork) from your guide for yourself
  • Practice channeling drawing (artwork) from your guide for another person
  • Channeling information on your own work and hobbies
  • Meditation to Channel Light for home and work
Day 2 (of 2) Agenda  (7 hours including breaks and lunch time)
  • Share Experiences; listen to Sanaya Roman and Duane packer channeling
  • How to use channeling with Reiki and other Healing practices.
  • Borrowing an Ability from a Past Life
  • Using your Guide to "store' energies, program crystals
  • Practice channeling new healing energies and angels or ascended masters through your guide; channel and become attuned to your own highest Ki. (share experiences)
  • Practice a healing session on a partner; channel their own guides and energies; work with your Highest Ki. (share experiences)
  • More practice channeling messages for each other, this time using one of your partner's everyday guides. (share experiences)
  • Practice channeling nature beings (devas, elementals, etc)   (share experiences)
  • Group meditation in a circle - healing for the planet - channeling in group beings
  • How to teach this class – practice assisting a partner to channel
  • Working with your Guide and Nature Beings to create and enhance Balls of Light
  • Closing – certificates - group healing pictures.
Requirements:  students must bring paper and pen, perhaps some coloured pencils if they have.  They can also bring tape recorders and video recorders. 

It is a great benefit if students have read "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane 
Packer. It explains what conscious channeling is about and answers most question students have.  This allows us to spend more time in class actually doing channeling exercises.  

How I Book Classes

Rather than pre-schedule a class, the first student who books a class date essentially determines the class dates. Then the class can fill up, or it may contain the minimum number of students. If you do not see a class listed at the top of this page, then  no one has asked for a class yet.  If you do see a class listed, then a minimum size group has scheduled confirmed set of dates with me. 

Minimum StudentsThe Channeling class requires a minimum of 4 students for a local class (Vancouver/Lower Mainland area BC area) and 10 students for a class outside of the Vancouver/Lower Mainland  area.  Students may suggest a set of convenient dates for the class for all the students. (for Vancouver Island and the BC Interior, please contact me for the minimum numbers.) 

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